The print spooler is not running. error message (594 Views)
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The print spooler is not running. error message

HP Laser Jet 2600n when attempting to access the printer through a wireless server have started to get the message "Printer properties cannot be displayed. The print spooler is not running."
Was able to print initially then this appeared out of nowhere. Shut down both computers and printer and rebooted to no avail. Oh yes check to insure print spooler was working and it is. Interestingly the computer it is directly connected to can print to it.
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Re: The print spooler is not running. error message


Restart your computer.
try removing the power plug from the print server and plug it back in. There is a subdirectory called C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool
Inside the directory you may find some tmp type files. I am not exactly sure what the extension is but sometimes files get orphaned in there. At least I know that was the case in Windows NT. If you delete those files and stop and restart the spooler service that may get you going again. Also if that doesnt't work try deleting the printer and resinstalling the driver. (turn off the printer first and then turn it on after deleting the printer)
When adding additional equipment if you installed software your memory requirement may have gone up.

Do not delete any files that do not have a .tmp type directory as there are some dll, exe type files in there that should remain. I defer to any HP person on this so if they trump my answer go with their info.

To stop and restart the print spooler follow these instructions.

right click on My Computer
left click on manage
double click on Services and Applications
left click on services
highlight print spooler
click on stop in the top left corner
wait a few seconds
click on restart

Hope this helps.

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Re: The print spooler is not running. error message

another note if it is wireless make sure the ip address for the wireless device has a static ip address or hostname is used to refer to the device in any installation setup procedures. I know a HP JetDirect Print server works great and it uses a hostname or ip address and is administered via a web browser window. I use one everyday and never have to reset it. I do like a wired print server versus wireless as I do not have to worry about connectivity issues. I know if you have a Linksys wireless router that you may have to reboot them occasionally. They like to lose their minds and you have to unplug them so they can clear their head. Scrambled eggs for brains I guess.
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Re: The print spooler is not running. error message

Have received your solution will try it and let you know what happens. This seems familiar I have done something similar regarding print spooler before. Funny how as time goes by we forget these solutions. Thanks Jim
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Re: The print spooler is not running. error message


You have one of HP's host-based printers, and I've seen a lot of threads on problems using these through wireless.

See my reply here for host-based info:

And I do remember a few of the threads on using one with wireless having workarounds. I don't have those threads saved, but you can find them by clicking the Forums advanced search link at the top of this page.

Select the check boxes for both forums offered.

For search terms, I would start with: host wireless. That probably won't pick up a lot because a lot of people that own these printers don't know what host based is nor that they have one.

So I could then re-search using model numbers + wireless, such as: 2600 wireless.

The most common host based printer models are the 1000, 1010, 2600, 3500, 3600. There are more, but listing them all would take me an hour or more to check out all the models (since as I said in my link above, HP more or less hides whether or not a printer's host based, and you have to dig for it).

One comment on the spooler service. Be sure it's start up type is set to automatic.

And on the static IP mentioned above, which HP calls a "Manual IP". You should set that in the printer's network config, and be sure it's outside the DHCP range of your wireless appliance (if it has a DHCP range, which it probably will). If the printer's IP is DHCP, and the printer's turned off then on, the wireless appliance might assign it a different IP when it comes back up. That would prevent any print jobs getting to it since they're being sent to the old IP.

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Re: The print spooler is not running. error message

Dear Madam/Sir
I tried with that option in control panel- administrative tools-Services-print spooler i had stop and restart .But it is working for 2 days.After 2 days the same problem the print spooler is not running.And can u reply me .
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