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Static IP Address for HP LaserJet 4000

I need to create a static IP address for this printer. It has been a workhorse, I take very good care of it and I do not want to buyanother printer. Any ideas?
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Re: Static IP Address for HP LaserJet 4000

usually if DHCP is enabled ,you can use the auto assigned address to put in a web browser and open an embedded web server interface and from the networking tab;set up your addresses there and switch it to manual and save it.

if DHCP is enabled and you are having trouble getting an address,cold reset the printer while it is hooked to the network/router and wait a bit and it should give one,as long as the jet direct card is working.

otherwise you can go to the I/O-EIO menu on the printer and manually configure it setting "configure network" to yes and there should be option for "configure TCP/IP" ,set it to yes and when it comes up;set bootP and DHCP to no.and it would allow you to manually set each digit for the addresses.

use the value key to switch yes or no or change digits .use the select key to save any options.and the item key to move to next digit or option.

the menu's will look something like is shown on this attachment.
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