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Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012

I recently purchased a Laserjet 1012 for pretty much the sole purpose of printing to 3x5 cards (trying to make flash cards for my Japanese language study). Unfortunately, every time I try to print to a 3x5 card, I get an error saying "Paper Size Error: The specified custom size is not supported in the selected tray." I'm using Mac OS 10.3.4 and have tried pretty much everything I can think of.

As I was out of ideas, I called tech support tonight to get some help. The man at HP said that there was no solution to my problem, however, as the printer can't print to 3x5 cards. Something about the manual feed tray not being able to handle that size of paper. Is this correct? I made sure that the 3x5 was the minimum supported size for the Laserjet 1012 before ordering it, so I'm going to be a bit upset, to say the least, if I find out that the printer I bought to print to 3x5 cards was never able to print to 3x5 cards in the first place...

Any of the wise people out there have a solution for a increasingly desperate man?
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Re: Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012


From the Full Specs page...


Paper trays: 150-sheet input tray, 10-sheet priority input tray
Output capacity, max: 100 sheets
Sizes: 3 x 5 in to 8.5 x 14 in
Weights: Tray 1: 16 to 28 lb (main tray to output bin), 16 to 24 lb (envelopes/heavy media)
Types: Paper (plain, recycled), cardstock, envelopes, heavy media, labels, transparencies
Media handling: Manual duplexing, manual feed, sheet feed, straight through paper path

Looks like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing... 3 x 5 inch is what is supposed to be on your menu (unless, of course, that media size only applies to WinXP. Either way you have a legitimate expectation that HP should deliver.
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Re: Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012

3x5 isn't an option on the menu, at least in the Mac OS X version of the driver. I had to make a custom page size in Word when trying to print to a 3x5 card.
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Re: Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012

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Re: Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012

Sorry about Mr. HP man, they usually don't think outside the box (Experiences have been that if you call another time, you will get a different person in a different country all together no matter where you call from).

First, you are putting the 5" side Horizontally across where the paper feeds correct?

As for your problem, is it possible to specify in the Printer settings that there is a new type of paper? You will probably have to trick the computer at some point.

My guess is the problem is the Mac OS, I have never heard of this with any windows based machines, and yes usually all printers that have manual feed capablity can go to 3x5 as the smallest size, including yours.

If you can't do something in the settings, lie to the printer, and tell it that the paper is bigger than it actually is and see what happens. You may have sucess there. The only problem is you will have to set your margins to what a 3x5 card would be, it should have no problem feeding, as it feeds the same way no matter what.

So again in summary
1. Check how your putting the card in
2. Check Printer controls to set a paper size in there and not word
3. If all else fails tell the printer you are using 4x6 or another larger size.

Let me know how it goes, and feel free to give points If I was helpful at all.
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Re: Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012

i have windows xp and had to create a custom papersize in the printer settings and here is what the manual says: The HP LaserJet 1010 series printer can print on custom-sized media or cardstock between 76 by 127 mm (3 by 5 in.) and 216 by 356 mm (8.5 by 14 in.). Depending on the media, you can print up to 10 sheets from the priority input tray. Use the main input tray for multiple sheets.

To print on custom-sized media or cardstock
Load the media with the narrow side forward and the side to be printed facing up. Adjust the side and rear media guides to fit the media.
Access the printer properties (or printing preferences in Windows 2000 and XP). See Printer properties (driver) for instructions.
On the Paper/Quality tab or the Paper tab (the Paper Type/Quality tab for some Mac drivers), select the custom size option. Specify the dimensions of the custom-sized media.
Note Not all printer features are available from all drivers or operating systems. See the printer properties (driver) online Help for information about availability of features for that driver.

it might be that you have to create a customer size in the printer driver as well
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Re: Problem printing to 3x5 cards, Laserjet 1012

Thanks for the help, TJ. I had already tried options 1 & 2 on your list, so I ended up turning to #3. Set the page size to postcard (3.94 x 5.83) and then started messing around with the margins. Eventually, I found that a left margin of .2, a right margin of .74 and top and bottom margins of .47 work pretty well for centering the text on a 3x5 card, if you center the text horizontally and vertically. I now have 100 freshly printed Japanese flash cards and am quite relieved that my investment wasn't a total loss.

Not an ideal solution, by any means, but it is a solution. Hopefully HP will fix the Mac driver in the future (I'm relatively sure that is the problem) so this isn't necessary, but at least it works. Thanks again.
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