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Printer Freezes up, HP 4345

We have this printer, faxer, copier. It works ok, most of the time. It used to work fine ALL of the time. About a month ago, we moved down the hall. Moving back to the old location is not an option.

Now, about once a day, the machine will freeze up and be completely unresponsive.

The lights are still on, we just can't use it. It won't print. It won't send or receive faxes. It makes the telephone line busy from the other end if anybody tries to send a fax. We tried plugging the power cord into a surge suppressor and it still seized up again. I don't think that any of the settings have been changed in between this location and the other location. It is still using the same telephone line. It is still plugged into a network with the same computers.

Anybody have any ideas why this would start doing this and what we can do to make it NOT do this?

I thought about disabling the sleep function, wondering if that was somehow involved. I haven't got next to this machine to try that to see if it is even an option. Anybody have any other suggestions or WildGuesses?
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Re: Printer Freezes up, HP 4345


I would concentrate on the things that are now different from before.

<> If this is the case, what did you do to have it reach the same jack? If a different jack, has it been tested. Try a different cable.

HP does not recommend using surge suppressors, line conditioners, UPSs. The idea situation is a dedicated A/C outlet where the printer is plugged directly to it.

Check that the settings were not lost somehow in the move.

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Re: Printer Freezes up, HP 4345

The telephone NUMBER is the same. It is connected to the same wires in the closet. Nothing was changed with the telephone company. It could be the polarity of the phone plug is backwards from what it was. Polarity doesn't matter with MOST phone devices, though it might with this. I will try that.

Is there a way to renew the settings back to factory fresh? Start over? Some things have better luck being completely RESET rather than deleting all the individual settings. The resulting need to enter everything again may be the same but an actual RESET might be better to clear out something weird. That might be try # next.

The electrical outlet in the old office might have been dedicated and this one is not. All of the devices plugged in here are the same ones and there aren't a BUNCH of devices in the office or any that I expect would cause surge or drop that are plugged in here in the new office. It is definitely a different circuit: Completely separate office down the hall at the other end of the office building but on the same floor... I only tried the surge suppressor to see if it would make any difference; Didn't seem to.
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