PCL XL illegal Media size Windows 7 64 bit (20769 Views)
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PCL XL illegal Media size Windows 7 64 bit

We upgraded all of our PCs to Windows 7 64 bit.  We have a 2003 Windows Server 32 bit.  I have tried different combinations of the UPD PCL6, PCL5 and PS the version 5.1 and the non 5.1 versions but I still get an error PCL XL error illegal Media Size.  On the server I install the UPD using the HP install tool then I go into sharing and select the 64 bit version of the UPD.  hen I change the driver I delete the printer and install it over again using the same printer name.


For this example I am working on a Color Laserjet 4650 PCL 6 the non v5.1 when I send a test from the server using the PCL 6 x86 driver there is no error this would be the 32 bit version.  When I install the printer on the Win 7 64 bit PC PCL 6 x64 and print a test page from windows I get second page prints this message PCL XL Error illegal Media size.  If I print a PDF or Word Document there is a blank border of about an inch on the left side and the the right side prints off the edge of the paper.

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Re: PCL XL illegal Media size Windows 7 64 bit

PCL XL errors happen only with PCL 6 (PCL 6 is actually PCL XL). Change the driver the PC to either PCL 5 or Postscript. PCL XL errors cannot happen with PCL 5 or Postscript.

After you've done that, then we can see what other problems (if any) there may still be.
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Re: PCL XL illegal Media size Windows 7 64 bit

Based on a suggestion from an AutoCAD vendor Holman's of Nevada on how to fix the issues we were having with the plotters.  We switched out printer server from a 32 bit to a 64 bit server. 


Learn by my mistake. 


The network admin setup a 64 bit printer server I installed the PCL 6 UPD V5.1 from HP's website and it works great.  Any printer that has a firmware update needs to be updated.  If they don't have a firmware update your best bet is to use the PCL 6, PCL 5 driver on some of the older models the LJ4 driver works well too.


This fixes print jobs:  shifting to the right anywhere from .75 inches to 1.5 inches, load paper size prompts, tray selection for legal, the PCL XL errors, invalid media size and kernel error.  PDFs are printing normally now too.


We did try the PS driver and the PCL 5 driver also but those developed other problems for us.  The PS driver is very slow to open properties and the printing is much slower.  Sorry I can't remember the issues with the PCL 5 driver.  All I know is I can now walk the halls of my office without getting

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