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PCL XL Error

my printer has recently begun printing out sheets that contain only giberish. It seems to chose to do this randomly, somtimes it will print fine, others not.

anyone have any idea why?
this is the error report that it prints out.

PCL XL Error
subsystem: USERSTREAM
Error: MissingData
Operator: ReadImage
Position: 127

at times it will print out other errors such as

PCL XL Error
subsystem: USERSTREAM
Error: MissingData
Operator: ReadFontHeader
Position: 64

any help will be greatly apreciated.

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Re: PCL XL Error

Hi Ted,
This is usually a driver issue.
Since u didnt mention ur printer model,i cant provide u a link to download the correct driver,so please write it down.
This issue is related usually to the PCL 6 driver,and using the PCL 5e or PS driver (if available) will solve it.
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Re: PCL XL Error

I agree that PCL XL errors are only associated with PCL6 drivers (or, strictly, with the PCL XL interpreter in the printer firmware).

However, I don't think that the most common reason is "a driver issue".

PCL XL is a highly structured language, and any corruption of a PCL XL print stream can give rise to such errors, as the interpreter detects an invalidity in the structure.

But these corruptions can arise in a number of ways, including:
driver error
error in interface between driver and application
hardware (check cables, connections)
network (check timeouts, translations)

Note that corruptions may also be occurring if you change to use a PCL5 driver (all other things remaining the same), but (because PCL5 is much less structured) the PCL5 interpreter won't necessarily detect them, and will soldier on the best it can; your output may be corrupt, but you'll only know by closely inspecting it.
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Re: PCL XL Error

I have a HP LaserJet P3015 impressoraa, I installed a PC with windows 8 to imprir of the following error PCL XL error
Error MissinData
operator ReadImage
Position 30

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Re: PCL XL Error

Use the postscript or pcl5 driver and you will not have any errors.
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