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I have a problem printing images using the hp laserjet 5500n printer. Sometimes the image comes out proparly, sometimes it gives the following instead of a picture:
PCL XL error
Subsystem: IMAGE
Error: Missindata
Operator: ReadImage
Position: 273
Please help and thanks a lot
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Theoretically, you should only get PCL XL errors if you are using the PCL6 driver (PCL XL is the 'official' name for PCL6).

The printer is able to report PCL XL errors because the (PCL6) language is highly structured, and the interpreter is able to detect when the received data departs from this structure.

If you use a Postscript driver, the PostScript interpreter will, similarly, detect inconsistencies in the received print stream.

If you use a PCL5 driver, it just soldiers on the best it can; so if the underlying problem is corruption of the print stream between the PC and the printer, then you will not get any errors reported - but your output might still nevertheless be corrupt, and you won't realise it unless you peruse all the output carefully.

If you get PCL XL errors when you KNOW that you are using PCL5e or PostScript drivers, this might imply a printer hardware problem.

If you ARE using a PCL6 driver, the cause of these errors could be a bad driver (or the application not 'liasing' properly with the driver), but is just as likely (possibly more likely) to be caused by corruption of the print stream by hardware (cables, connections, switches, etc.) or even network timeouts, especially if the errors are intermittent.

Try 'printing to file' a sample document, then 'lpr' that file to the printer port (assuming the printer is ethernet-connected) several times to see if the error still occurs, and if the error is consistent or not (if it is, post the file here for analysis).

If the printer is parallel-port connected, use the 'copy' command, with the /b switch, instead of 'lpr'.
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Thanks Chris, i decided to defer to solve the problem. We will go at it sometimes.
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