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No paper pick-up in laserjet 1320.

I am using the HP LaserJet 1320 and anytime I try to print from the automatic tray-I get a message no paper pick up. I can use the manual feed tray fine. I've been having this problem for the last few days and it seems I somewhow get it to work ok-then the next morning it's back to no paper pick up. Please help!

The only help I get from troubleshooting is:
Make sure that the printer is not in manual feed mode. See Status light patterns for more information.
Make sure that the media guides are adjusted properly.
The pickup roller might be dirty or damaged.

None of these options are the reason paper is not being picked up. Any suggestions?
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Re: No paper pick-up in laserjet 1320.

Seems like I have heard this question before. The probable cause is most likely the pickup roller for the bottom tray. What you need to do is dampen a lint free cloth in warm soapy water and clean the roller and then dry. See if that helps and if it does, then you need to get a replacment roller.
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Re: No paper pick-up in laserjet 1320.

I've cleaned the rollers-and still nothing happens. It seems like the main roller that picks up the paper doesn't even move down (or the tray doesn't move up) It makes several clicking noises like it's trying to pick up the paper. If I don't hear the clicking noises, the paper gets picked up.
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Re: No paper pick-up in laserjet 1320.

Assumptions: (1) You can print without problems in Tray 1, the manual, single sheet feed above the main Tray 2. (2) Sometimes, when trying to print from Tray 2 (cassette) the printer works, other time not. (3) When paper fails to pick from Tray 2, you hear noise and get the attention LED flashing on the display.

How am I doing? If these assumptions are correct, I suggest your problem might be associated with the metal plate below Tray 2.

A raised bump on top of this plate triggers the lifting of paper in the cassette. If the plate is bent downward, perhaps it is not triggering the lifting plate in the tray.

You can see paper lifting or not by looking over the stack with a flashlight. A small rectangular opening in the back of the cassette offers enough of a view. Try opening and closing the cassette a few times, looking for the paper to pop up on closing. If not popping up, see if the plate is bent down and bend it up to flat.
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Re: No paper pick-up in laserjet 1320.



I am having the same problem. It works for the manual feed, i have checked and it is lifting the paper, and even tried a different tray from another 1320n. I have also replaced the pickup roller and the drive shaft. The gears all look fine and are engaged with one another.


I am stumped on what it could be.

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