Laserjet 4350n 49.FF 04 service error (6286 Views)
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Laserjet 4350n 49.FF 04 service error

I keep receiving a 49.FF 04 Service Error on two Laserjet 4350n printers. We have about 20 to 30 of these printers and these are the only 2 that receive this message. You can turn the power off and back on and it fixes the problem, but it is very annoying for the employees that use these printers. If anyone out there has some insight on this please help.
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Re: Laserjet 4350n 49.FF 04 service error

There's no single answer for a 49 error (HP doesn't tell you what the .FF04 portion means, and simply describes these as a 49.XXXX error, even in the service manual. There are printer techs that participate here, and maybe one will contribute with specific information on the .FF04.

First, here's the home support page for the 4350 series.〈=en&cc=us

Click Troubleshoot a problem, then Error messages displayed on control panel, then look at 2 documents:

Be aware that this one is for the entire 4200, 4300 series, of which there are 2 sub-categories. 4200 & 4300 comrising one, and 4250 & 4350 comprising another, so this isn't specific to the 4350.

HP LaserJet 4200 and 4300 Series Printers - Numerical Error Messages

And this one is generic to all laserjets.

HP Color LaserJet and LaserJet Series Printers - Troubleshooting Printer Hanging in Processing Job, Print Jobs Will not Print, 49 Errors or 79 Errors

We get 49 errors on our 4350dtn's but only occasionally, so I just restart the printer to clear them. They can be caused by corrupt data in the print stream (which I think is what happens here occasionally), poor cable connections, or a firmware error.

You may want to monitor your users and see if it happens when printing from the same application or printing the same document, which would indicate a corrupt print stream from an application or a corrupted document (which could look OK on the screen by the way). This would also tend to rule out the rest of the causes.

If not, and if you can (over my head), monitor the data traffic going to these 2 printers, or simply swap out the network cables and switch ports to see if that has any effect. You may want to swap the switch port for one of the problem printers with a known good printer and see if the problem travels with that change.

If you decide to take the jump to updating the firmware, be careful. A firmware upgrade gone bad can render the printer inoperable and usually requires the replacement of parts to fix. I'm just saying approach this carefully, read everything first, and I would suggest doing it when the network's quiet, and no one will be printing to these 2 printers.

You didn't say what OS you're running, so here's the start page.

Click the named link and NOT the Download button. That way, you'll get all the instructions. Be sure to read the Readme tab.

The Service Manual 49.XXXX error write-up is:

Message: 49.XXXX
To continue turn off then on

Causes: A critical firmware error has occurred that
caused the processor on the formatter to
abort the operation.
This type of error can be caused by invalid
print commands, corrupt data, or invalid
In some instances, electrical noise in the
cable can corrupt data during transmission
to the printer. Other causes include poorquality
parallel cables, poor connections, or
specific software programs.
Sometimes, the formatter itself is at fault,
which is usually indicated by a 79 Service Error.

Recommended action: 1 Press CANCEL JOB to clear the print job
from the printer memory.
2 Turn the printer off and then on.
3 Go to,,, or
Select Download Drivers and
Software. Check for the latest firmware
image version at the bottom of the
page. If this firmware image is newer
than the one installed on the printer
and the printer can receive a firmware
update, download the newer firmware
upgrade. Not all
HP LaserJet 4200/4300 printers can
receive firmware upgrades.
4 Try printing a job from a different
software program. If the job prints, go
back to the first program and try
printing a different file. If the message appears only with a certain software
program or print job, contact the
software vendor for assistance.
5 If the message persists when using
different software programs and
attempting specific print jobs,
disconnect all cables that connect the
printer to the network or a computer.
6 Turn the printer off.
7 Remove all memory DIMMs or thirdparty
DIMMs from the printer. (Do not
remove the firmware DIMM in slot J1.)
See Firmware DIMM (LJ 4200/4300
8 Remove all of the EIO devices from the printer.
After performing the actions above,
procede (sic) with the following:
1 Turn the printer on.
2 If the error message disappears,
reinstall each DIMM and EIO device
individually, making sure to turn the
printer power off and then on again as
you install each device. To replace
a DIMM, see Firmware DIMM
(LJ 4200/4300 only).
3 Replace the DIMM or EIO device that
caused the error message.
4 Remember to reconnect all of the
cables that connect the printer to the
network or computer.
5 If this error message persists, replace
the firmware DIMM. See Firmware
DIMM (LJ 4200/4300 only).
6 Replace the formatter assembly. See
Formatter assembly .

Good luck with it, and hopefully a printer tech will also reply.

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Re: Laserjet 4350n 49.FF 04 service error

generally it is a firmware/communication error.which sometimes can be caused by something on the formatter like the firmware itself ,added memory,hard disk ,or nic card.or sometimes on the network side,like perhaps a print job stream comming in from an application being corrupt or other type of conflict.or possibly even a bad cable.

if the problem is something on the formatter ,then it will usually not clear with a power cycle,so i would say your issue is from the network/application end.can you tell if it is just occuring from any specific applications or specific files from any applications?or if any certain users/pc's are causing it ,or just everyone using that machine from all applications?have you tried any different cables?it is still possible that it could be network card issues as it is bringing the jobs in.

you could try different cables or try different network cards if you have them around;or try to determine any patterns among users/ could try direct connecting and printing to it from the applications you use to bypass the network and network card to help isolate and narrow things down.make sure the queue is completely clear and nothing stuck in it.

sometimes a firmware upgrade can help also;though it is not usually the first thing recommended,as it can cause other problems also.
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Re: Laserjet 4350n 49.FF 04 service error


Might be network related to the following :-


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