Laserjet 1000 USB cable (1311 Views)
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Laserjet 1000 USB cable

I got one HP 1000 printer, but there is no cable and pod. Where can I find the USB cable? Can I use "usb/serial autosync cable"(see the attarched picture)? Thanks.
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Re: Laserjet 1000 USB cable

no that cable will not work at all. you can order the usb cable from hp. HP call it the Pod.

order web site:

part number: Q1342-60001

for the lj1000 you must use the pod, because the brain (firmware) for that printer is on the cable.
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Re: Laserjet 1000 USB cable

Now I want to know how to make the USB cable, I need to connect which Pins of the 25 male pins and the USB Port ,If you have a picture ,give me ,then I can see it clearly .I try to connect the wire as the following additional picture    ,But it is not ok.

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Re: Laserjet 1000 USB cable

I wan to know how it can communication by this special USB cable ,it is not as the old 25 pins printing cable ,also not as the common USB cable ,I donnot know how to connect the 25pins with the USB port .

The 25 Pins Name Dir Description  
  1 /STROBE -> Strobe  
  2 D0 -> Data   Bit   0  
  3 D1 -> Data   Bit   1  
  4 D2 -> Data   Bit   2  
  5 D3 -> Data   Bit   3  
  6 D4 -> Data   Bit   4  
  7 D5 -> Data   Bit   5  
  8 D6 -> Data   Bit   6  
  9 D7 -> Data   Bit   7  
  10 /ACK <- Acknowledge  
  11 BUSY <- Busy  
  12 PE <- Paper   End  
  13 SEL <- Select  
  14 /AUTOFD -> Autofeed  
  15 /ERROR <- Error  
  16 /INIT -> Initialize  
  17 /SELIN -> Select   In  
  18 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  19 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  20 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  21 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  22 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  23 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  24 GND -- Signal   Ground  
  25 GND -- Signal   Ground

The USB Description

PIN Function Fuction 1 VBUS (4.75-5.25 V) VBUS (4.4-5.25 V) 2 D- D- 3 D+ D+ 4 GND GND

 I do not know how to connect the USB and the 25PINS

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Re: Laserjet 1000 USB cable

The HP cable Q1342-60001 includes a protocol converter chip built into the 25-pin connector. The converter chip is actually a microcontroller (a tiny computer) that needs a special firmware program to make the correct kind of conversion.


It is not possible to achieve the same results by simply connecting the pins of one connector to the other.


I don't understand Chinese, but the numbers in this picture look like common RS-232 serial cable configurations:

These are useful for connecting different types of RS-232 ports together, but not at all useful for connecting to an USB port.


The RS-232 serial port was introduced in year 1962: it is probably the oldest port type that can still be found in modern PC computers. Its modern form may also be known as EIA 232 or TIA 232.

The USB serial bus was designed in 1994, and is very different and much more complex.

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Re: Laserjet 1000 USB cable

hello every body

i'went driver for laserjet 1000 printer windows7




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