LaserJet P2055dn Error (15942 Views)
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LaserJet P2055dn Error

When printing multiple copies of a PDF it gives the error message: 

49 Err 72301E9 - Turn off then on.


Once it's turned off and back on it will print a few more pages and does it again. Each time it's power cycled it starts the print job all over again and the paper comes out very hot.


Any suggestions? It has 128MB of RAM. Could it be a memory issue?

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Re: LaserJet P2055dn Error

49 errors are almost always due to bad code or data being set to the printer and the printer doesn't understand what it's getting and doesn't know what to do with it ... so it errors with a 49 error.


To be sure about the problem, we need to be sure it's not the document file that's at fault.


To print something else, you'll have to stop the computer from sending the PDF file (of course), after you've done that and have power cycled the printer (and the printer is "Ready) ... Try printing multiple copies of some other document (not a PDF).   If that works, find a completely different PDF file and try printing multiple copies of it.  If it succeeds with both, and then fails with the PDF file you were printing when it gave you the 49 error, then you know the problem has to do with the file, and not with the printer.


Let's see what happens if you try that.


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Re: LaserJet P2055dn Error

I will try that. What's odd is that when I send this print job to a different P2055dn (printing multiple copies as before) then it works fine. So then I tried a third P2055dn and still didn't run into this 49 error.


The only way this particular pdf will print on the printer in question is to submit it as a single copy job. Once I ask it to print more than one it gives me the 49 error. I would think if it's bad data being sent to the printer then all of my P2055dn printers would error out. Any suggestions?

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Re: LaserJet P2055dn Error

Check the firmware version of each printer.  Odds are the one having the issue is a different firmware version then the others or the driver being used for this printer is not the same as the others.

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