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LaserJet 3380 Error Code 52

Can any one give me some detailed information on the problem indicated by Error Code 52.  I am told it is a hardware issue but would like to know if there is a way  to know more specifically what is malfunctioning and if there is any information available on how to repair the malfunction and what parts may indeed be needed for replacement.  Thank you very much for your time and help in this matter.

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Re: LaserJet 3380 Error Code 52

Its a scanner error - often these can be fixed.  If you search these forums for "laserjet 3380" you will see a bunch of hits eg :-


Also you can download the service manual from :-


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Re: LaserJet 3380 Error Code 52

The poster above forgot you have 2 scanners. Your error refers to the laser/scanner which is the unit that writes the information to the drum of the toner cartridge for printing. A bit different and a little harder to get to. The laser/scanner is the black box that sits above the toner cartridge on the frame and you have to remove the scanner/adf unit to get to it. The service manual has directions. When you remove the laser/scanner it you open the black box carefully you will see a chrome motor wheel towards the back that spins. Usually the shaft of that motor has become to tight with debris or other material and can not get up to speed. Sometimes there is a small clip that secures the motor in place and other times you can just lift up the chrome piece and it comes out. In either case you need to place one tiny drop of synthetic oil down the shaft of that motor, put the chrome piece back on, spin it a few times to make sure it is smooth and then put everything back together. It should then work. If not then the laser/scanner needs to be replaced. The first thing you will want to do is check the flat ribbon cable on the left side of the printer that plugs into the board. It will be the thinner cable.
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