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LaserJet 2605

I actually have a few questions.
1. I am running Vista which will not let me install the printer software which is where I am assuming that the Toolbox that is mentioned in the manual is. Not being able to install the software, where can I go to check the toner levels? How can I make use of the "toolbox".
2. This printer is extremely SLOW, will adding memory make it faster? Can memory be added for this model?
3. Is there anywhere to check and see how many copies have been ran on the printer, because it is telling me that the black toner needs to be replaced and I have only had the printer for a week and only used it to run about 6 catalogs.
4. After about the second catalog, the printer is leaving a film on the pages that makes it look like parchment paper. I ran the cleaning process but it still does it. I don't think a printer that has only been used for a week should do this.
Any help that anyone can give me would be MOST appreciated.
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Re: LaserJet 2605

1. Toolbox isnt compatible with vista. Hp is working on a solution for that issue.
2. Adding memory to the printer will make it faster, HP LaserJet 64MB 168-pin SDRAM DIMM
This memory dimm is priced at $500 when purchased from hp, it is advisable to buy this 3rd party.
3. Print a config report, (Main menu reports -> Press the checkmark key, Press the right arrow key down to config report.
look for what is known as engine cycles. Each time the printer prints, that counts as one engine cycle.
This printer is good for approximatly 2500 pages for the black toner at a 5% coverage rate. A 5% coverage rate means that is 1 full page of black text.
4. What kind of paper are you using? What is the weight of it?
You can try running the cleaning process 3x for the printer.
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Re: LaserJet 2605

Thanks for getting back to me. This is helpful. I do have just 2 more questions.
1. Is 64MB the largest memory that can be added to the 2605?
2. If I can't use the toolbox because I am running Vista, then how do I check the toner levels?
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Re: LaserJet 2605

1. You can add up to a 256 MB stick of SDRAM, but HP doesn't sell those. A correction to the product numbers, FYI:

32 MB - Q7707A
64 MB - Q7708A
128 MB - Q7709A

2. Easy Printer Care will work for network-connected models and all local printers connected with a DOT4 port (if you don't have a DOT4 port that your driver installed on, then this would be useless to you). It is located at:

ToolBoxFX isn't supported yet in Vista because Vista comes with .NET Framework 3.0, and ToolBoxFX is written in .NET Framework 1.1. They probably have to rewrite the thing from scratch.
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Re: LaserJet 2605

Any word on the toolbox with VISTA?
I installed Vista a year ago, and have only half functionality of my 2550 printer.

Somewhere someone suggested buying a new printer, but as a home / freelance user, that is out of the question, since I've only had it a couple of years.

I've always loved HP products. This must be my 3rd or 4th HP printer, but not having the toolbox till now!

Taking a year to update a product to VISTA is unacceptable!
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