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David Quesada
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

Alright, I found the real fix for this so you can print at normal speed and not got the â Pesonality Not Supported: PCLâ Error .

1. First off, go download HPâ s LaserJet 1012 Host Based drivers.



2. Extract the driver.
3. Plug in and turn on your printer if you havenâ t already.
4. Go to Start>Devices and Printers, and choose to add a printer
5. Choose to add a local printer
6. Choose Dot-4-usb printing support
7. Click Have Diskâ ¦ on the next windows
8. Navigate to where you extracted the drivers, and choose the inf file
9. Choose the HP 1012 HB Driver
10. Follow the prompt till it installs the printer or what not

Now you may notice that it prints slow as heck, well no worries! To fix that do this.

1. Go to Start, right click Computer and choose Manage
2. Go to Device Manager
3. Find 1284.4 dot4usb Printing Support
4. Right click it and choose Update Driver
5. Choose â Browse my computer for driver software.â
6. Choose USB Virtual Printing Support
7. Follow the prompt, exit out of Device Manager
8. Go to Start>Devices and Printers
9. Right click HP 1012 HB, choose Printer Properties
10. Go to the Port Tab, find Virtual USB Printing Support (Not dot4) and check that.
11. Click Ok.

Congratulations! Your printer isnâ t an agonizing experience anymore!!

NOTE: The users in my environment reported that the printer after a restart showed up uninstalled but continued to print fine, so meh. Guess it canâ t be perfect.
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Gerald Rice
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

Here is an update on how I solved my HP 1012 compatibility issue with Windows 7.

I ordered a Brother 5340D (high speed, full duplex printer) for $129 from OfficeMax. I also saw the printer offered with coupon for $119 from Costco.

Problem solved. No more HP frustrations.
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Eric Tirrell
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

My August Sirs,

Thanks for your help with my 1012, I too find it a 'favorite' piece of hardware.

The answer to many of the questions being raised so far in this thread I believe is that HP is a HARDWARE company. I have never received a piece of software from them that was of the same quality as commercial software vended by professional software companies. Most to the drivers I use for their products come from Microsoft.

Maybe those who are experienced with HP network software or business software will have had a different experience but their Home Based stuff bad. I have a Scanjet that only runs with drivers from Win-7. I have a photo printer that shows up on windows explorer as a removable disk. Why dont my other USB ports all show up as removable disks? Thats indicative of software written by a hardware company. Oh, the good news is, this photo printer works with Win-7 64bit >> because Windows found a driver for it.

Did HP even plan for a transition from XP to Windows 7?

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Mark - Raleigh
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

hi Eric, if you think HP is such a benevolent, innocent company whose only fault is that they are focused on hardware rather than software, then why won't they publish open specifications to the hardware they make? then, independent developers could make drivers for Windows 7, Linux, etc.

Its hard to say HP is just hardware company when they also made their own operating system for servers (HP-UX).
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Will McGuire
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

At all.

I found this thread after running into similar problems. I was able to resolve it myself by just choosing the LaserJet 2200 driver built into Windows 7. After choosing the built-in driver I was able to print a number of documents and pdfs without issue. My situation may be different since my LaserJet 1012 is connected via a printer server but just FYI in case anyone else is in a similar situation.
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Ned Mast
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

Followed David's advice to change from Dot to Virtual USB and it works great in 64 bit Pro. Required a reboot.
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Hardy Hansen
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

The LaserJet 2200 driver recommended by Will McGuire solved the problem for my non-networked LaserJet 1012. Thanks for the tip.
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Hardy Hansen
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

Whoops--the printer has reverted to giving me the message "unsupported personality" (and wasting a sheet of paper doing so). Back to the drawing board. At least drawing boards don't require drivers.
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

I finally got it working... and slow. So I'm following David's "speed up" process, but I get hung up right here:


>>6. Choose USB Virtual Printing Support


I have no such option at this point. Actually the issue may come earlier since I have no  "1284.4 dot4usb Printing Support" in my list. Closest is "1284.4 compatible printer." So I chose that.


I then try to update driver and I go to browse for driver software... where would I find the USB virtual Printer support?


A super big thanks for all the info in this thread!

-= Darell =-
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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

Yes hi! I have window XP

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Re: LaserJet 1012 Windows 7 Drivers

Thank you Walt!...I am not a computer buff by any means...but used your solution #2 to get my HP1012 printing:)! I saw a later post...about the buffer...I am not worried about that part..I think for my type of use and how mine gets turned off when i am not using it ...will be just fine....I was so relieved that I don't have to buy another printer...(yet:)).

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