Re: LJ P3005 turn off Sleep / Wake altogether? (9219 Views)
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LJ P3005 turn off Sleep / Wake altogether?

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We share this printer via Shareport app thru our D-link router.  But even if we plug it in direct print jobs fail to print if the printer has gone into sleep mode.  Anyway to disable sleep mode altogether?

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Re: LJ P3005 turn off Sleep / Wake altogether?

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You may be having another issue here. When it enters sleep mode if you go to the printer and press the check mark button or menu key does the printer come out of sleep mode or do you have to turn the printer off and then back on. If the latter you have an issue with the formatter which you can probably fix yourself. All you need to do is remove the formatter, place in a baking pan with the chips up and making sure the bottom of the board does not touch the bottom of the pan. Preheat a good oven to 350F (177C) and when the oven is ready, place the pan with the board in the oven for exactly 8 minutes. Remove a let cool for 15 minutes and put back in the printer and see if it now works ok. Formatter issues with this series are quite common. 

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Re: LJ P3005 turn off Sleep / Wake altogether?

I just replaced the formatter board because of a bunch of other issues with printer. New board fixed everything. But this sleep issue still there. If I press the green check mark it wakes up fine, just doesnt wake up to a job being sent to it.
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Re: LJ P3005 turn off Sleep / Wake altogether?

If you suspect that the printer is available in network while it enters the sleep mode, then perform the following test to confirm if the printer is available & responding the print commands.


Let the printer enter into the sleep mode, then


Open the printer EWS page (web console) using web browser on a PC & check if the page is browsed successfully.  On the left pane there is print option available, try printing a supported file using this option.


Alternately you may to to Settings Tab => configure device => information


Using this option try printing the printer internal test pages, check if it is successful.


If you wish to disable sleep mode, Go to Resets Submenu (using EWS page or control panel) => Sleep Mode => Set it to OFF.



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