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LAN HP printers with win7 x64

I have 3 HP printers:


  • HP LaserJet 1000 Series
  • HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP Series
  • HP LaserJet 1320

I have few machines with Windows XP - all working, few Win7 x32 - all working, one machine with XP x32 - all working.

But I have one machine with Win7 x64, where I can see printers, but I can't add them as local.

Win7 throws: "Searching for printer drivers at local system..." --> "Searching in Windows Update Center..." --> "No compatible drivers was found. Unable connect to the printer.".


I installed two (PCL 5 & PCL 6) HP universal driver from HP official support & drivers page.

Using this drivers I created two dynamic printers, where I every time can search and choose printer, what I need.

But I don't see any printer there in built-in search.

Using other types of search I can see them, but I can't attach them to this universal driver printer because they don't pass connection check.


I was trying to add printer in simple way: "Add printer..." --> "Network printer" --> "Searching for printer..." --> (Search successful, I see all printers) --> Choose printer --> "Searching for driver..." --> Error: "No drivers was found" --> Unable add printer.

I was trying to add printer in complicated way: "Add printer..." --> "Local printer" --> "Local port..." --> input URL to printer --> checking URL: done --> searching for driver: error - no driver was found --> choose manually driver --> (tried universal PCL 5, PCL 6, old drivers for XP from printer installation disk) --> Printer added, but when I'm printing to that printer there are no page printing at printer. Just "page was send to printer space."


Machine: some HP notebook.

OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 with latest automatic updates from Windows Update Center. (with/without updates - it's all the same).

Firewalls: all disabled.

Permissions: all permissions granted.

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Re: LAN HP printers with win7 x64

You do not tell us the method in which the printers are connected to the lan.  My assumption is each is connected to a computer and you share the printer from that computer.  If that is correct you need to trick the windows 7 64 bit computers since there is an issue.  To do this you have to know the computer name of the the computer to which each printer is attached and the share name you have for each printer.  On the window 7 computer pretend the printer is attached to lpt1 port on the printer.  Just go to the add printer, local printer, lpt1 and just continue until asked for the driver.  You will come to the makers page and you choose hp on the left and the model on the right.  If listed fine, if not click on the windows update and wait for it to repopulate.  If still not listed download the driver and browse to the location and finish up.  Now go to devices and printers and right click on the first printer you loaded.  Scroll down to the first properties and left click.  Now click on ports and then double click on local port.  Now in the box that comes up type in the computer name and share name for the computer that the printer is connected.  Use the syntax \\computername\sharename  Substitute you names.  Click ok, close and apply the setting and you should be able to print to that printer.  Do the same for the other 2 printers.  It works.

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Re: LAN HP printers with win7 x64

"...each is connected to a computer and you share the printer from that computer."

Yes, that's right.

There are no built-in LAN cards in printers.

Just local printers, shared via Active Directory.


Thanks. I already tried do it such way.
But I was tested only with hpLaserJet 1000.

With hpLaserJet 1000 it don't want to work.
( Printer added, but all printing documents are not printing. Printer just don't want to print with any driver (self XP x32, self XP x64, self Vista x32/x64, PCL 5, PCL6)

But now I tried to do the same with other printers and... it's works!
This one printer is not critical for that machine, so... thanks for your help!


Now I think that it's unreal to add very-very old printer to win7 x64.
Even you have full pack of drivers.

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Re: LAN HP printers with win7 x64

I think the 1000 is a host based printer and I do not think it is supported on windows 7.  Printer does not support pcl or postscript has all processing has to be done at the computer so hp did not write a driver for it for windows 7.

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Re: LAN HP printers with win7 x64

Thanks! I had the same problem. This solution worked like a charm! I was told that one issue with Lan sharing is that the printer drivers need to match between computers. I was using an HP utility to install the printer with a universal print driver while the shared printer had a native print driver. This alternative method worked fine and solved my issue.

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