HP4100 - How to stop printing if paper runs out? (635 Views)
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HP4100 - How to stop printing if paper runs out?

I've got an HP4100 which I use to print invoices (green paper - Tray 2) and credit notes (pink paper - Tray 3).
Both trays are set to Plain Paper. This works great as the print job targets the correct tray.

But there is a problem if either trays run out of paper where the continue printing using the next available tray. Ahhhh!
Therefore using the wrong colored paper.

I had this working with another printer, same model, but had to take it out as we were getting errors with it and I did a cold reset on it without looking at the tray config (I know I'm stupid).

I've tryed various tray configs but if I change any of the trays to anything other thatn plain it just prompts to load plain.

This probably sounds counfusing and I think I'm starting to loose my mind over this.

I just want the printer to prompt to load paper instead of it moving to the next tray.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: HP4100 - How to stop printing if paper runs out?

Hi Richard

Should be just to change Tray three to Type Colour A4 on tray3 and the others to plain A4.

Your not going mad :o)

If still continues check print queue is set to auto detect rather then selected tray!

Hope you have more joy!
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Re: HP4100 - How to stop printing if paper runs out?

I tried what you've suggested but it just looks for plain A4 and will just sit there unless you manually overwrite it.

Were going to try and go through each combination of paper type for tray 2 and 3 to see if we can come to a solution.

But I'm not all that hopeful.
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Re: HP4100 - How to stop printing if paper runs out?

one way to do it might be to leave the types set differently as mentioned above ,then go to the paper,or paper quality tab in the driver printing preferences and to ,"use different pages for first page", or "special pages" option and set the source for the first page ,then the source for the rest of the pages and save it.
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Re: HP4100 - How to stop printing if paper runs out?


Just to give you a perspective, HP printers are designed to do what you're experiencing IF 2 trays are set for the same size and type of paper. If one runs out, it will automatically pull from the other one.

The normal way around this is to give the trays either a different size or type setting, which apparently won't work for you, although you might want to try setting one of those trays for a custom size and making the custom size measurements exactly the same as A4. Not sure it will work, but it might. Note that there is a slider on the right side of the tray that will need to be moved from Standard to Custom if you try this.

Raz may be on to something with his reply.

The only other thing I can suggest is that there are paper level indicators on the front of the trays (the vertical slots with the floating green indicator buttons). I would suggest educating the users to fill the trays whenever the indicators get to about half way down.

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