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HP Laserjet 4200DTN(LCD showing stars)


My first time posting here so be nice :)

I work in a primary school as an IT trainee.
One of the printers on the network here, the HP Laserjet 4200DTN, suddenly stoped working according to the teacher that has that printer in her class room.

The LCD on the printer doesn’t show an error message or anything all it shows is this...


None of the buttons on the printer do anything. Iv tried all the basic turn it off and on and stuff...

When i try access the printer from my workstation it says that the printer is offline.
There is no way that any of the students could have changed any of the printer settings because of the way the user accounts are set up. not even the teachers can change them.

I tried some things such as changing the ports it uses and stuff but I figure its a firmware problem or something. I didn’t bother trying new drivers for the printer since I thought it was a problem with the printer hardware or something

Is there a way to reset the factory defaults without using the printers menu since I can’t access that menu? :S

Any ideas?


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Re: HP Laserjet 4200DTN(LCD showing stars)

That printer used the 615N network card so with the power off remove the card and turn the power on and see if it comes to ready. If it does the network card is the problem and if you call hp they will replace it with a new 620N at no cost even if the printer is out of warranty. If the error still shows up, then you probably have formatter issues. My money is on the network card.
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Re: HP Laserjet 4200DTN(LCD showing stars)

Thanks so much for the quick response!

Yeh it was the network card I removed it and it started up fine. Ill give HP a call tomorrow and order a new one.

Thanks again!
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Re: HP Laserjet 4200DTN(LCD showing stars)


Just FYI. Here's HP's support document on the 615n:


Ignore the part about a small percentage failing. We had 8 go bad, and the forums are full of posts about it.

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