HP LJ8150 - 79.00FE Printer Error (8923 Views)
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Kim Holston
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HP LJ8150 - 79.00FE Printer Error

What does the 79.00FE Printer Error mean? How can I fix this? I cleared the paper path and turned printer off/on.
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Lester Richardson
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Re: HP LJ8150 - 79.00FE Printer Error

You have a critical error. Usually indicates that there is a communication problem in your formatter. Power off and remove your Jet Direct network card. Power up and see if error clears. If error remains, remove formatter (part that network card plugs into) and remove hard drive (if installed); reseat all dimms. Hold Go button down and power up. Release when you see "cold reset". If error fails to clear, replace formatter and firmware dimm.
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Re: HP LJ8150 - 79.00FE Printer Error

There must be more going on than Richardson suggests.

I have an InDesign CS file (a one page document) that produces the 79.00FE error on my 8150. But other InDesign documents do not produce the error.
I copied the content of the error-producing document into a new InDesign file. It prints fine.
With some experimentation, it seems that if this document is formatted for the "any printer" (using Page Setup) it prints correctly. But, if it is formatted for the HP8150 it produces the 79.00FE error. And, the copy that produced the error continues to produce the error even when the formatting is changed back to "any printer." However the copy that never was formatted for the 8150 continues to print correctly.

"Printer Info" shows Driver Version 10.4 and PDD File Version From the April 20, 2006 Installer.. FIrmware Datacode 20041013 MB7.119 (A Firmware download in January 2006 that was supposed to fix the 79.00FE errors.)

{Note, I am leaving out the power off the printer and the delete the error producing job from the print que steps that are essential to be able to print anything from the 8150 after the 79.00FE error.]

Richardson suggests a possible hardware problem. I really think the symptoms I am describing point to a software problem with the printer driver for the 8150. (I am using Mac OS 10.4.6, but I have had the same problem with occassional documents for years under different Mac OS versions. Today is the first time I have found something that reproducably produces the error.)

The document (formatted for the 8150) prints correctly on the Brother (non postscript) printer on our network.

Is there any chance that HP will come out with a driver that doesn't produce this error? It only happens with some documents. Most of the documents I create with InDesign print correclty when formatted for the 8150.
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