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HP LJ 5550 "cant print multiple copies"

Hi. Hope someone can help with a problem we have with our 5550 dn

If you print 2 copies of a document (nothing special or particuarly large)you get a print where the 2nd print should be warning:
"unable to store job at at printer"
"Printer does not support collation at printer"
"Turn off Mopier enabled in your printer driver"

NOTE: Mopier is NOT ticked.

I have seen some advice where if you turn off the RAM disk option in the LCD Control Panel it stops trying to store, but then you get the message

"Unable to store job at printer"
"Insufficient disk space for this job"
"delete some files from the disk before resending this job"

NOTE: I Cant find a queue\store of files to delete.

More Information on printer:
No HD installed
128mb in Dimm slot 1. 32mb in Card slot 1.(this is set in Printer properties)
Firmware: 07.007.3
Using (currently have tried others)PCL 5C

Frustration :)
On one hand its telling me to turn off Mopier, I cant as its not ticked in the print props (i have tried turning it on\save\off to 'trick' it) Take advice from forums that to stop this message set Ram disk to OFF. Then I get the 2nd message and Forums suggest you set RAM DISK to AUTO.

So apart from purchasing a HD or more memory, any idea how to get us out of this 'loop'

Any ideas greatfully recieved.
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Re: HP LJ 5550 "cant print multiple copies"

This is a Color Laserjet 5550, correct? Make sure that you are using the correct driver for this printer. If driver is correct, I would download new driver from HP, delete printer, and reinstall with new driver. Also, make sure printer firmware is up to date. You can get latest firmware from the same page where the drivers are located.
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Re: HP LJ 5550 "cant print multiple copies"


There are two sorts of copies that printers can perform, collated and "normal" (ie non-collated)

If you sent a four page document and asked for two copies, with collated copies it should print in the following page order page 1, 2, 3, 4 then page 1, 2, 3, 4 ; with "normal" copies it should print page 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4 and you have to manually collate the documents.

The LJ5550 can support collated copies but requires at least 192 MB of memory or a hard drive - the printer has to process and store the entire document before it can print multiple copies.

I suspect the easiest thing you can do is simply untick the collated box in the windows print wizard.


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Re: HP LJ 5550 "cant print multiple copies"

The "Collate" chackbox under File > Print was causing a "Insufficient disk space for this job" message for one of our most essential people!

In addition, the File > Page Setup > "Margins" were set to 0.25 (top) and 0.20" (bottom) and the File > Page Setup > "Layout" had "Header and footer" settings for the "From edge:" of 0.25" and 0.25".

So the print preview from the main screen was showing a second page with Header and no main body of the document. I think the Margin setting versus the Layout was just enough to cause the document to "spill over" onto a second page, and that combined with a "Collate" checkbox really screwed things up.

So this is one extra thing to check when collating might not even be something you considered because it was SUPPOSED TO BE a single page document.
Always note your original settings before changing them.
Only change one thing at a time (and Reboot).
Know the documentation supporting a change or have first-hand knowledge it works (never guess!).
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