HP LJ 1320 stopped feeding paper (1048 Views)
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HP LJ 1320 stopped feeding paper

Was running fine. Now light is blinking and I can't fine anything wrong. Paper will not feed to print!?!
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Re: HP LJ 1320 stopped feeding paper


That is probably the Attention light flashing, just try pressing the Go button - button number 5 in the attached page.

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Re: HP LJ 1320 stopped feeding paper

if it is the attention light and will not stop or clear or the machine print,open and close the toner door and see if the motors move at all.if they do not then the printer is seeing a jam in the path.maybe a flag stuck out of position.most common area is the registration area under the cartridge or the fuser area.

if they do turn it would point to one of the other things like,door open issue or not detecting the cartridge or maybe an issue with a paper detection switch in the tray.i think this happens with misfeeds also.
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Re: HP LJ 1320 stopped feeding paper

Razzer makes some good points. A couple of other item to check is if the printer has duplex is to remove the paper tray and press the green button to make sure there is no paper stuck in the duplex tray. To go further on Razzer's point of paper, place a sheet of paper into the manual slot and see if the light goes out. Also fill the tray with paper and press down. When you insert the tray the paper level indicator on the left side should move. If it does not, then the mech that makes the tray raise when inserted is not working right. Also that paper level indicator is a horseshoe type plastic piece that sites between the metal bottom piece of the tray that raises. Sometimes it comes out and sit on top of the tray and prevents the tray from raising and gives a false out of paper indication.
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