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HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

I own a HP cp2025dn color laser printer and have been having issues with phantom paper jams. Last weekend it started giving me errors that there is a "Jam in Tray 2" but ONLY when I try to feed paper in tray 1. Nothing is actually jammed (My husband and I spent 2 hours checking all the trays and doors..definitely nothing!).


Tray 2 prints just fine as long as I do not have anything in tray 1 (override tray).


It doesn't stop me from printing - I can use tray 2 if tray 1 is empty..but since I run my own stationery biz from home it is a bit of an inconvenience to not be able to use Tray 1.


Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Is it possible to disable tray 1 to at least avoid the errors? (I get jam errors when I switch toners and it tries to clean/calibrate and asks me to put paper into tray 1)


I bought the printer just over a year ago so I don't think I'd be covered under any warranty at this point.


Thanks so much in advance for any tips! :)

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

Might be this link will be some helpful to you,

Hope it helps!!
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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?


is the printer try to pickup paper from tray 1 and then it show you this jam??

and if you are closing tray1 can you print from tray 2??


waiting your kind reply.

thank you :smileywink:

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

There is a drop down tray above the cassette for tray 2. Take tray 2 all the way out, there will be little handles, lower the handles to expose the slot where the tray 1 paper feeds through. Look way back in there for a shread of paper. Also try opening the rear door and looking carefully for scraps of paper.

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

I have the same exact problem:


When any paper is loaded in to Tray 1 (override), it throws "Jam in Tray 2".


Will print perfectly from Tray 2 if no paper in Tray 1.


Have already replaced DC Controller and PCB Relay boards.


Customer is not real happy.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

I'm still having the issue a year later so if you figure it out please post here! :)


I ended up giving up on tray 1 but would love to be able to run the cleaning mode! There is definitely no paper in there causing a jam. I can have tray 2 completely empty and send something to print to tray 1 and it states paper jam in tray 2 anyways.


Printer will print just fine from tray 2 if I remove the paper from tray 1 and close it.


Pain in the butt! Dying for a solution here but support hasn't been any help.

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

I have seen this issue a couple of times and both times the issue was the selenoid that releases the pickup roller for tray 1.  It always says jam in tray2 for some reason if though you are trying to use tray 1.  The problem is the selenoid part is not available from hp since this is a repair they would not allow in the field and required a whole unit exchange.  The part is very dfifficult to get to and there are no instructions in the service manaul.  I did not even attempt to get to it since both printers were under warranty.  The part is located on the right side towards the front of the printer next to the pickup roller shaft.

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

I have had a very similar problem with a customer's CP2025 printer.  It would print multiple pages fine from some applications but any time you print Adobe PDF files (for example), it would print 1 page, then come up with a paper jam message.


I ended up downloading the HP Universal PS driver from the drivers page for the CP2025 (it is further down in the list).  After installing the Universal PS driver, multiple page printing from any application has not been an issue.

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

If any one face this problem check paper path from tray 3 entrance at bottom right side(printer having only tray1 and tray 2). The black paper path guide will be slightely dislocated from its position and sensor at its entrance will be obstructed. This can happen during pulling printer on uneven surface. push back guide in its position.( no need to open priner covers.) done.

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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

It sounds like you need new feed rollers & Separation pads Those you can find at HP's Web site (or other 3rd party). You should be able to just hit the Check button twice & go on by that request to put paper in tray1.
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Re: HP CP2025 Phantom Jam?

[ Edited ]

Right now on a working 2025 we are noticing that with mpt solenoid disconnected at J209 on the Driver PCA voltage will increase to around 24v when it tried to engage the solenoid.  On our printers that are having the jam in tray 2 when tray 1 is loaded there will be no voltage increase just a steady 0.0vdc.


As of right now we have tried formatter with no luck.  The tray 3 plastic was dislodged but that did not resolve the issue either.  Neither did removing and cleaning the sensors in that area.


Update: Tried a new Driver PCA but this also had no results as the trace leading to the solenoid only passes thru 1 transistor after entering board from ribbon cable.  Also added a tray 3 and ran pages from tray 3 without any issues so not likely an issue with the Paper feeder preregistration sensor (SR1)

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