HP 8150 Fuser error 50.1 repair (2068 Views)
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HP 8150 Fuser error 50.1 repair

Got an HP 8150 printer free.  Had the 50.1 fuser error.  Checked the LVPS board for bad solder joints but really didn't see any.  I touched up all the solder joints around Q600 power transistor and others.


Installed the LVPS that I touched up the sodler joints on and it didn't fix the problem.  Installed a test LVPS from another printer and everything worked fine.


My question is this.  I have a known good HP 8000 LVPS that I am willing to part out.  Is there any parts I could/should try to swap into the HP 8150 LVPS like the power transistors or anything?  Or are the LVPS so different that no parts can be swapped?


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Re: HP 8150 Fuser error 50.1 repair

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I have rarely seen a bad lvps on this model and usually the fuser unit is bad and needs to be replaced when you get that error.

The LJ 8000 fuser is not compatible with the LJ 8150 and i think the lvps is not compatible either.

You can find both parts at www.partsnow.com





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Re: HP 8150 Fuser error 50.1 repair

I have replaced/soldered 3 LVPS on HP 8150 for the 50.1 error so far. Most of the posts on this site about the 50.1 error state that the LVPS is the cause of the problem and not the fuser.


I know the LVPS is bad, I already put a different one in and it worked fine.

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Re: HP 8150 Fuser error 50.1 repair

Charles I no longer repair my own since the cost from remanufactueres  is now reasonsible.  When I was able to repair my own I found that the chip you mentioned would have a cold solder joint on the middle pin and when I resoldered it would always work.  When I found the end chip with 2 cold solder joints resoldering did not work and I could only assume that that chip was also fried.  You can obtain replacement lvps from metrofuser.com, depot-america.com or partsnow.com.  I too have found many of this model that now fail with a 50.1 error and the issue is the lvps.  In fact about 4 years ago hp had a service note that replaced the lvps.  It expired and hp no longer support it.

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