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HP 4050N - IP address

Every time the power goes out in our office the printer IP address changes, how can I fix the IP address so that I do not have to resent the computers each time the power goes out?
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Re: HP 4050N - IP address

Hi Clare,
Since ur using DHCP or BOOTP (auto IP from the server),the IP the printer gets everytime after a power break changes.
U will need to set a static IP address:

press menu to get to EIO jetdirect menu.Use item to go to CFG network.Use value to change it to YES,press select to confirm.
Use ITEM to scroll through the options,make sure that TCP/IP protocol is on,and get to CFG TCP/IP.Use value to change to YES,press select to confirm.Use ITEM again,untill u get to BOOTP=YES.Use VALUE to change to NO,press select to confirm.Press ITEM,if u see DHCP=YES,again use VALUE to change to NO,and select to confirm.Press ITEM,u will see the first IP BITE.Use ITEM and VALUE to change to what u need,press select.Each time u press select and confirming the new IP BITE,it will jump to the next bite.Set this way the IP address,the Subnet Mask (SM),Syslog server (LG) and the default gateway (GW).Every time u have the correct value,confirm using SELECT.Do this untill u go back to the EIO jetdirect menu.Use MENU to get to the Information menu,then ite, to get to print confgi page,press select to print it and chekc if the new IP address u set was saved.To make sure its a static IP,check the EIO jetdirect configuration page on the lower left corner,check the config method/configed by,make sure its on user specified/manual...
U can also ping the printer to make sure everything is ok.
Heres a link with the EIO menu options,(of the 4100,but its the same):

BTW-i will ask that this thread will be moved to the printers section.
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Re: HP 4050N - IP address

Hi Clare Autsin,
After you configure TCP/IP Static and disable BOOTP AND DHCP=NO and assign IP Address and SubnetMask and default Gatway you have to print a configuration page and read Second page to confirm setting for jetdirect configure properly

A more details information can be found into a following doc:


Hope your case clear and printer accept a network process wihtout change IP Address next time you power cycle printer.

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