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HP 4000N with error 41.5

I have automatiquely this errot when i'm printing in tray 2. If I print the first page in the tray 1 and other in the tray 2 it's ok.
The number of page is not important, 2 pages or 10 pages, the problem is the same.

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Re: HP 4000N with error 41.5


look if roller tray 2 is not disloged,
in tray,lift the small cover,and click roller on the shaft.


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Re: HP 4000N with error 41.5

I change today the two roller (RF5-1885).
the problem is identic.
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Re: HP 4000N with error 41.5

Hello, Jeremie,


Paper reached a sensor too early.

Inspect and clean the paper paths with a water-dampened, lint-free cloth to eliminate obstructions and paper dust.
Print and review the Event Log. The Event Log retains the last 30 error messages. Use the Event Log to diagnose and troubleshoot intermittent failures.

NOTE: The printer should display READY on the Control Panel in order to print. If unable to print an Event Log, Configuration Page or Menu Map from a lower tray, attempt to print with Tray 1 set to FIRST.
Error Log results: 41.5 errors point to media that has reached the too early.

Print and review the Configuration Page. A Configuration Page can be used to view printer settings and determine what options are installed on the printer. If an HP Jetdirect printer server EIO card is installed, an HP Jetdirect Configuration Page will print out as well.
Print and review the Menu Map. A Menu Map lists paper tray configuration settings and sizes.
Print a paper path test from all trays to recreate and isolate the issue.
Press MENU until INFORMATION MENU appears.

Press ITEM until PRINT PAPER PATH TEST appears. Press SELECT.

Press to cycle selections until the desired paper trays appears. Press SELECT.

Press until the desired output bin appears (open the Rear Output Bin to print to it). Press SELECT.

Press until the desired duplex mode (on or off) appears. Press SELECT

Press to cycle selections until the desired number of copies appears. Press SELECT to perform the paper path test.

Identify the location of the issue within the paper path. A paper path test combined with the results of the Event Log and Configuration Page will help isolate problem areas.
Identify in which tray(s) the 41.5 error occurs.

NOTE: Paper motion from lower trays and roller rotation may be viewed from the back of the printer. Take note where sheets exhibit irregular media movement.

Inspect the paper path and all paper path mechanical assemblies in the location where the issue can be isolated.
Eliminate paper and tray adjustment issues. Paper with perforations, rough edges, or pre-printing can cause paper jams, misfeeds, and multi-feeds. Paper with incorrect fiber content, thickness, weight, grain, smoothness (Sheffield) and moisture content can also cause problems.

NOTE: Do not fan paper. To separate a ream, bow it into a U shape.

Inspect trays for proper paper loading. Be sure the paper is stacked loosely under the paper guide to ensure that over filling is not the issue.
Inspect the tray guide adjustments to ensure they are set correctly. Tray guides should be adjusted snugly to the correct paper size. The paper size notches should be aligned.
Adjust Tray 1 default paper size if associated with error:

Press MENU until PAPER HANDLING MENU appears on the control panel.

Press ITEM until TRAY 1 SIZE = appears.

Press VALUE to change the size that the tray equals if it does not match the desired setting.

Press SELECT to make this change the new printer default.

Determine if the paper is multi-feeding. Test with paper from a new, unopened package.
Switch paper trays (from this printer or from a similar model) to determine if jams are tray related. If the tray guides and/or paper size dial are non-functional, replace the paper tray.
Verify that the feed/separation rollers are in place and not missing. Ensure that these rollers are clipped properly in place. If no trouble is found with the feed/separation rollers, remove and replace the tray that is located where the issue occurs.
Ensure the tension spring is not missing that holds the feed/separation rollers in place. The tension spring is located on the bottom of the tray, directly below the feed/separation roller.

Error Messages:


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Re: HP 4000N with error 41.5

I quickly read through most of the trouble shooting suggestions and would have suggested many of these things. I am not sure if anyone suggested trying another tray 2. I have seen instances where a problematic tray in one printer will work perfectly fine in another. As technicians we hate to see a problem solved for no apparent reason, but are just as happy to have it solved in the end. If replacing the tray works, but you are nagged by not knowing what specifically caused the problem, try replacing the torque limiter. This is the black collar that the separator roller snaps into in the paper tray. If this is the cause simply replace it.
If changing the tray does not work, the paper pickup assembly may have to be changed.
Hope this helps.

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Re: HP 4000N with error 41.5


thinks for you idea and your reflection. I'm already change the tray 2 and I have the same problem. It's possible that the problem is the pick up assembly but i don't understand why it's just on the first page there is error. If the pick up is default, for each page I will have a message error but if I'm printing the first page on tray 1 and other on tray 2 it's ok. Why just the first page ?....
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Re: HP 4000N with error 41.5

The tray may be defective and in need of replacement.

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