HP 3600 Broken Cartridge Lock Levers on Rt Side (1249 Views)
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HP 3600 Broken Cartridge Lock Levers on Rt Side

Help, I have a 3600N that has some broken cartridge lock levers on the right side. I have looked in the service manual and can't find a way to get at these things. Does anyone have any detail instructions or photos that I could use to replace these? I have heard that there is a Service Note out on these for free replacent. Can anyone help with how I might use that to get them replaced or to do it myself?

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Re: HP 3600 Broken Cartridge Lock Levers on Rt Side

doing this procedure can be rather difficult if you have not done it before.it involves much disassembly and getting the gears lined up for the proper timing when reassembling is a project.

there is a service note out on this and you can contact an HP service provider to find out what the steps are to get it repaired free.there is a number that can be called.i think it's 1-800 hp-invent.as far as i know ,if you take it in then it's free;if they have to come out then they can charge to come out but not for parts.

often when this happens,part of it will hang there around the cartridge guide when it is broke and prevent it from seating properly.where if it is removed ,it should work ok .at least as a workaround for a while.see don thompsons reply on this thread.http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/bizsupport/questionanswer.do?threadId=1104505&admit=10944...
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Re: HP 3600 Broken Cartridge Lock Levers on Rt Side

Assuming you have read the above thread, here's a photo which should help with gear alignments if you take on this job. See the attachment. . .
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