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HP 2100M - how to darken printing

I've had the 2100M for a few years and it's delivered excellent quality and reliability. Recently routinely replacing the toner cartridge with the standard HP product, it started printing light (not bad but definitely lighter, and just a wee bit fuzzy on some documents). I've tried three other toner cartridges in the printer since but the results are the same. The HP site recommends increasing the toner density setting but provides no instructions how to do that and I cannot find any in the owner's manual either.

By the way, I've made sure to rock the cartridge back and forth to distribute the toner, so that isn't the problem. Any suggestions?
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Re: HP 2100M - how to darken printing


One can change the toner density (1 is light, 5 is dark) by sending a PJL command to the printer. HP's Status Readback Tool is a graphical tool that can do this (among other things). Here are the steps:

1. Go to http://www.hpdevelopersolutions.com/index.cfm

2. Join the program as a free Affiliate Member

3. Click on developer kits, LaserJet, LaserJet Communication, LaserJet Communication Tools and Code.

4. Download the Status Readback Tool (srtool.exe). There is no installation. Just run the exe to start the utility.

5. Download the SR Tool Documentation (srtool.pdf). Use the sample exercise to become familiar with the SR Tool.

6. Here is a link to a screen capture of the PJL code that you will be sending to the printer. Note the first character in each line is (Esc):


(Instead of MANUALFEED=OFF, yours will read DENSITY=5.)

If you have trouble creating the escape character, just copy and paste it from one of the other two lines.

Please let us know what happens.

:-) Jay

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Re: HP 2100M - how to darken printing

And if that doesn't solve your problem, you may have dirty scanner optics that need to be cleaned. Also, make sure the high voltage contacts are clean.
When in doubt, check your manual:)
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