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HP 2015n offline issue, cant print


I'm sitting with a lot of HP printers in this organisation and some our standard desktop printer is LaserJet 2015n. However I have an issue which makes some of them unable to print.
When I look in the Printer section on the computer it says: Offline. But the printer is turned on and is ready and connected. I can then fix it by removing and installing it again but the the next day it'll be back as offline and cant print.

I've tried multiple solutions that I can come up with but now I have to ask here in hope of someone beeing able to give me a better solution. Maybe one that dont include reinstalling the printer every day :)


regards, Frank
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Re: HP 2015n offline issue, cant print

did you recieve a fix for this? i am having the same issue.
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Re: HP 2015n offline issue, cant print


Had the same problem with my CP3505n and tried solutions from the forum that didn't work. I contacted HP and they were familiar with the problem and that it is wide spread. They don't know the cause, but have a firmware upgrade that fixes it. So, check out the HP downloads section for a firmware upgrade for your model.

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Re: HP 2015n offline issue, cant print

can you said me, where I can find downloadable firmware?
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Re: HP 2015n offline issue, cant print

Marian your problem is the formatter and not firmware. The poster above is referring to a different printer. Some people always seen to think that all printers are alike and a solution for their printer will work on yours even if the model is not the same. It does not work that way. You can find the solution to your problem at the link below. Just follow the additional links.


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