Error msg. 49.4C06 on HP LJ 4200n (26211 Views)
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Error msg. 49.4C06 on HP LJ 4200n

Can you please assist me in getting rid of this error code 49.4C06 on the HP LJ 4200n?
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Re: Error msg. 49.4C06 on HP LJ 4200n

Is this occuring when pdf files are printed? If so most likely a firmware update will fix it. The firmware update may fix several random 49 errors and I know from experience it fixes it with pdf files. go to and look for software and driver downloads select your printer and operating system and follow the directions to download and flash.
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Re: Error msg. 49.4C06 on HP LJ 4200n


More info:

HP usually describes a 49.XXXX error as a critical firmware error, but if they're random, and you can clear them and bring the printer back to ready by clearing the print job out of the spooler, turning off the printer, then turning it on again, it's corrupt data in a print job.

The source of corruption can be difficult to track down. It could be cabling, application generated errors (does it always happen when printing from the same application?), etc.

Diagnosing and fixing them can be difficult:

If they're random and not too much of a bother, I'd just clear them with a reboot of the spooler and printer. If they happen all the time, it indicates a more serious problem, and then I'd suggest trying a firmware upgrade (with some qualifications).

If you want to check for a newer Firmware upgrade, it may or may not work. You should research it first to see if it fixes your specific error. Firmware upgrades can be problematic if they don't install correctly, often requiring the purchase of a new firmware dimm from HP to restore function to the printer.

Here's the firmware download page for the 4200n. Click the named link for your operating system, and NOT the Download button (so you get instructions, which the Download button doesn't give you).

Very Important. At the next screen, select the Readme tab. That contains all the information from all tabs. Read it completely, and print it out to refer to if you decide to do the upgrade.

Look for your error in the Fixes list on that page. If it's not there, I'd recommend not installing new firmware.

I notice the newest firmware available is dated 06/28/05, and if this problem only recently surfaced, it's probably not the firmware.

If you want to contact HP directly for other ideas, here's where:

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Re: Error msg. 49.4C06 on HP LJ 4200n

This is happen the same with me, but in my case is with HP 4345 printers, i upgrade the firmware but doesn't solve.

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Re: Error msg. 49.4C06 on HP LJ 4200n

You have a bad print job trying to print each time you turn on the printer. To test just remove the network or usb cable and power on the printer and print some test pages from the information menu on the printer. If they print, your issue is a print job still trying to print. You need to clean your server or each individual computers of any jobs going to the printer.
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