Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error (35720 Views)
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Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

I have been getting this code on my HP 9000N
Anyone know what it is?
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Re: Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

It's from your jet direct card. Turn off the printer and pull out the network card. Turn the printer on and verify it goes to ready. Turn off and reseat the card and see if the printer comes to ready.

If yes - upgrade the jetdirect firmware and the printer firmware

If no, try the other EIO slot.

If that still doesn't work, try a cold reset with the card installed (hold down the green button as you power on, in 5-10 seconds the display will flash cold reset and you can let go and see if the printer comes to ready)

If that still doesn't work, call th 1-800-4746836 line and ask for Jet Direct support.
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Re: Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

Jetdirect is HP's term for network card, as you probably know from frprinterwiz's reply.

These are all just suggestions for troubleshooting in no particular order.

You have what HP calls an "internal" jetdirect, which plugs in to a slot on the back of the printer. EIO 1 is the slot it's plugged in to and is the EIO 1 portion of the error. If you look at the back of the printer, you'll see that stamped in to the metal next to the slot. You also have an EIO 2 slot, probably covered by a metal plate held on by a couple of screws. As frprinterwiz said, you can try moving the jetdirect to that slot. If it stil doesn't work, that portion of the error should change to EIO 2. That would indicate a bad jetdirect or a more serious problem in the printer hardware.

If you do the cold reset, that will restore everything to factory defaults, so print a configuration page before you do it so you'll have a record of the settings. I do agree that's worth doing if changing the EIO slots doesn't work.

The model number for the jetdirect wil be printed on the portion of the card that sticks out of the printer. The model that should have come with your printer is either a 620n or a 625n or (I think) a 635n.

Since things get swapped around after purchase sometimes though by end users or printer techs, check that model number and see what it is. If it happens to be a model 615n, then that's probably the problem. The 615n was prone to failure (many, many failed), and HP was replacing them with new 620n cards for a few years. That policy ended 10/31/08 though.

If you have another printer with an internal jetdirect in the office, try swapping the jetdirects between the printers, and see if you're 9000 comes to ready. If so, then it's the jetdirect that's bad.

This may be of some help:

If all fails, either make that call that frprinterwiz recommended, or have an HP certified printer tech look at it.

All that said, the most likely cause of the error is that the jetdirect has failed.

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Re: Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

the jetdirect card is bad.replace it,EIO 1.
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Re: Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

Forgive my ignorance, but where do I find the Network Card on an HP 8150?

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Re: Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

The network card is located on the formatter. It will be on the left side towards the rear. It will be in one of the 3 EIO slots. Usually 2 of the slots are covered with a metal plate and the third slot has the card.
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Re: Error Code 81.0180 EIO 1 Error

I did what frptinterwiz said....I turned off the printer and pulled out the network card.  I put it back in and the printer went to ready.  Next it said if it goes to ready upgrade the jetdirect firmware and the printer firmware.

How do I do that?  I am old school and don't really understand this computer stuff.  Please use words I will understand.

Thank you 

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