Error Code 79 and Color Laserjet 2840 (13393 Views)
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Error Code 79 and Color Laserjet 2840

I am now getting an Error code 79 on my printer.No matter how many times I turn it off and back on that is all I get. I have tried the firmware install to printer, but I can't get it to "Ready" status. An my computer does not see it via USB now. What can I do?
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Re: Error Code 79 and Color Laserjet 2840

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Re: Error Code 79 and Color Laserjet 2840

This is a "Firmware" error
Had any electrical storms lately?
Have you added memory recently?

HP's info goes straight to resetting firmware
Before getting into that I suggest you try:
Turn off printer power
Remove side cover
Remove Memory Chip (DIMM) if present
Turn on printer power

If printer resets
Turn off & reinsert DIMM memory carefully
Turn on
If a problem maybe memory chip damaged
HP use this DIMM slot to reset firmware using a special chip. You may have to do this if my commonsense fix doesn't work.

I got this from

They say:
79 Error
Turn off then on
The device has experienced an internal
firmware error.
Turn off the power by using the power
switch, wait at least 30 seconds, and then
turn on the power and wait for the device to
If you have recently installed a memory
DIMM in the device, turn off the device,
remove the memory DIMM, reinstall the
DIMM to verify that it is seated properly,
and then turn on the device.
If a surge protector is being used, remove
it. Plug the device directly into the wall
socket. Use the power switch to turn the
device on.
If the error persists, upgrade the firmware.
See Updating or recovering the firmware
If the error persists, replace the formatter.
See Removing the formatter assemblies.

Why can't HP say it this simply?

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Re: Error Code 79 and Color Laserjet 2840

In my case, it was the document that I was trying to print that was initiating this error.  The error repeated because the print job was still in the queue.  Try cancelling the print job in the queue.  In my case it was there multiple times because I had tried to print it multiple times.  Cancel all jobs in the queue until it is empty.  This may resolve the error.  It did in my case.

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