Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems (1901 Views)
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Doug Dalecki
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Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

I support many HP products, but this is a new one for me. One of my users was just supplied with a Color LaserJet CP1215, and wile the black text and graphics are perfect, the colors are misaligned. I installed the full HP toolbox, and tried resetting factory defaults, calibrating the printer, reinstalling the driver, , etc, but the misalignment persists. For instance, in printing the HP troubleshooter,what is blue text on the page will appear as cyan text with a magenta "ghost" text. The same issue appears in printin the test page in Windows; the black text is perfect, but the Windows Logo shows a ghost of separate color windows-Magenta/yellow, cyan/yellow, cyan/magenta, yellow/magenta. I have also tried removing and reseating the separate toner cartridges. Considering that this printer is brand-spanking new, I expected better out of HP. If anyone has any ideas on the subject, I woould appreciate hearing them.
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E. Carlson
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Re: Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

I have the exact same issue. Has anyone from HP gotten back to you on a solution?

The misalignment tends to stay specifically with blue text. I get a magenta shadow of the text as well. Yellow text on the same page seems to have a slight orange shadow. Black text is not affected at all. Green and Red also seem fine.

HP - Please help!
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Dewaine Chan
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Re: Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

You both need to contact HP Tech Support at:

to get warrantys upport. Best luck to you both to get it fixed.

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all pom
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Re: Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

I have the same problem.
It started after I had a message stating I should replace my cartridges (although they were still printing well).
I called the tech support and they sent me a new one (after waiting a few months). It worked fine for a few month and now, the new printer does it too.
It is probably to force customers to buy new cartridges, but needless to say I prefer switching to another brand.
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ken baker
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Re: Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

what program are you printing from? i had persistent misalignment problems with magenta when printing from corel draw. got rid of it by disabling corels colour manager. you may have to pull the cartridge after turning of colour manager reinstall and reboot. fixed it for me
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Re: Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

I have faced the similar problem, color misalignment issue, after printing less than 200 pages with CP1215. I have contacted HP Product Support Specialist and he has a very clear procedure to teach me how to reset the printer back to its original factory settings. The color misalignment issue has thus been resolved and I am glad that I am able to use the printer again.
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Re: Color LaserJet CP1215 color problems

I have the same problem too!!!  And it is magenta.

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