CLJ-3550 with 59.99 error (4602 Views)
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CLJ-3550 with 59.99 error

Customer says that error appeared after removal of a couple of paper jams. Now error appears right after paper is picked up from tray, I don't think leading edge makes it to registration. Do I have to replace entire paper paper pick-up/feed assembly? thanks.
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Re: CLJ-3550 with 59.99 error

59.99.00 - (event log only)
An error occurred in the secondary transfer
engaging mechanism.
1. Faulty secondary transfer engagement
sensor. Replace the secondary transfer
engagement sensor.
2. Faulty secondary transfer engaging
solenoid. Replace the secondary transfer
engaging solenoid.
3. Faulty feed motor. Replace the feed

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Re: CLJ-3550 with 59.99 error

See if the attached helps.
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Re: CLJ-3550 with 59.99 error

 59.99 error sounds like sensor issues, but it is not. It is caused by the drop of  power supply voltages. Following are what I did to fix this problem.


1) Checked the out put voltage from the power supply while powering up. The orange wire(the thicker one) and the yellow wire (the thinner one) should be  at least +3.5v. This voltage is for all the senor and logic signals. If it is lower than +3.3v, it will cause error codes. HP uses a group of long and thin wires for the sensors and motors, there are voltage drops on those wires. By the time the senor signals reached the main board, the drops are low enough to cause error. It is will happen when the power supply aged and providing weak/less power/voltages.  Mine was fluctuated around +3.3v


2) Checked and replace the two lage caps on the power supply.


3) Adjusted the +3.3v up to +3.55V. If you are facing the power supply on the of display panel side, the adjustment pot is the orange one on the upper right corner of the power supply. The white glue on the pot must be removed before adjusting.


4) Adjusted the +24V output power too, to ensure motors have proper power. The multiple red thin wires carry +24V. The adjustment orange pot is the one closer to you.


5) Restart , no more error code.      Ready.


Hope it will help.


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