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8150 Tray 3 issues

Morning, all.

I have 2 HP 8150 Laserjets that are experiencing jamming issues when Tray 3 (the lowest tray) sees heavy usage, or, lately, any use at all.

I've read online that changing out the 2nd pass roller and clutch will take care of this problem, usually.

Two questions:

1) - These are the parts I bought:

2nd pass roller - RB1-6581-000
Clutch - RH7-5204-000

Are these correct for an 8150?

2) - Does anyone know how I would change these out, or could point me toward some online literature helping me out?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: 8150 Tray 3 issues

The parts are correct for this model printer but I'm not sure they are what you want for the second pass roller assembly. If the paper is leaving the tray you don't need to replace the clutch (and it wouldn't print from tray 2 or 4 either if the clutch was bad). The roller part number you list indicates it's the roller assembly for the registration assembly. If it came with a green handle it's the wrong one.

The other issue that comes up is replacing the second pass roller assembly means taking the PIU out and then almost completely tearing that down as well before you can replace the rollers.

The easy fix will be to replace the entire PIU. The service manual covers this, it doesn't cover the second pass roller replacement. It might cost a bit more for the part but it will save you hours of aggravation and scraped knuckles. Also if the printer is approaching or past the 500 000 page mark it's due to be replaced anyways. Would suck to go through the effort of doing the second pass roller to have the other rollers or the PCA board go.
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Re: 8150 Tray 3 issues

This is what I purchased:


I understand that the printer should just be replaced. It's over 800K pages, and we have another that's over 1.5million pages. We're only replacing one next year, so I'd like to keep the other going.

If it's just a waste of time, perhaps I'll just send the parts back. For now, they're just keeping Tray 3 empty, and everything's going through Tray 2, which works fine.

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Re: 8150 Tray 3 issues

Basically replacing the second pass roller will solve the issue with tray 3. Being a service tech I just replace the complete PIU since the work involved with replacing the roller takes twice a long as replacing the PIU. All that said if you want to replace the second pass roller, return the items you got and go to the link below as they provide the parts and instructions (video) which makes it a bit easier but still a difficult job.


Now the place where you got your parts also allows you to download service manuals at no cost and I would download the manual for your printer at:


Now there is an alternate solution which may work for quite a while. It involves removing the registration assembly which then gives you access to the second pass roller assembly which has big rollers. You then get yourself a can of rubber rejuvation solution and using it on the big rollers and that will work for some time. I have used it on 2 of these machines that the people did not want to spend the bucks to have the PIU replaced and as far as I know they are still working many months after application.


The last and preferred method is to replace the complete PIU. You can purchase them remanufactured for about 125.00 on advanced exchange from partsnow.com, metrofuser.com, depot-america.com. Installation is covered in the service manaul and although many parts have to come off it is really not that difficult.

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Re: 8150 Tray 3 issues


Thanks for the help. I've decided that I'm going to return the parts, and I'll probably try to make due. The rubber restoration is a good idea, and I think I'll eventually replace the whole PIU.

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