4100tn 49.4c06 service error (4108 Views)
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4100tn 49.4c06 service error

Does anyone have any details as to this error message. I tried my best to search for the specific error--no results.
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Re: 4100tn 49.4c06 service error

49 and 79 errors are usually not documented but this is the easiest way to diagnose them. If you can power the printer off and on and the error clears then it is a good chance it is software related. At that point check the print queue for the last job that printed, possible culprit.

If you need to cold reset the printer to get rid of the error message, it is 50-50 between hardware and software related.

These errors can sometimes be caused by incorrect driver being used on a workstation (4000 driver instead of 4100). PS errors can trigger 49's and 79's. Try updating drivers to the latest if 49 keeps returning.
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Re: 4100tn 49.4c06 service error

I had the same problem on a 4100tn and the trouble cleared when I replaced the 8mb memory card.


I followed everyone suggestion on this thread and others, but nothing seemed to solve my problem, so I started guessing and when I replaced the memory card, the problem cleared.


I did have the advantage of having a working 4100tn in the shop to use as a test subject.


I put the bad memory card in the other printer and it started up with the same error code.

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