32 Bit HP BiDi Channel Components Installer error event ID 10005 (8469 Views)
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32 Bit HP BiDi Channel Components Installer error event ID 10005

Since installing a new LJ4015 printer and PCL6 drivers, we're getting the following on the print server and all PCs / users connecting to this printer.

I can see a few other postings on the web, but nothing to say how to fix it. Any Ideas?

Event Type: Error
Event Source: MsiInstaller
Event Category: None
Event ID: 10005
Date: 17/02/2009
Time: 11:50:19
Product: 32 Bit HP BiDi Channel Components Installer -- The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2753. The arguments are: ipm12.CF34E983_546C_421F_A494_3C30281E4CF3, ,

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
0000: 7b 39 44 45 33 46 32 36 {9DE3F26
0008: 30 2d 42 38 38 45 2d 34 0-B88E-4
0010: 32 43 45 2d 39 30 45 37 2CE-90E7
0018: 2d 37 33 43 37 38 43 33 -73C78C3
0020: 37 44 39 35 45 7d 7D95E}
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Re: 32 Bit HP BiDi Channel Components Installer error event ID 10005

I was getting this error on a terminal server Windows 2003 R2 SP2 and finally fixed it took quite a few hours to get to the solution. Not sure if it is the same problem but here is my solution, let me know if this helps.
Printers cause the problems:
IT = HP LaserJet 2420 - PCL6 driver - version unknown when it happened since I changed driver
Legal = Same as IT
the 2 Others = HP LaserJet 4345xs mfp PCL 6 and 5e

This happened when I demoted a printer and installed a new one with a new share name or changed the share name of a current printer. For example we had a computer named "IT" then we changed the name to "IT_Printer" (we also upgraded the printer server during this time). Not sure if it matters but we have a directory share as "IT" as well which is why we changed it to "IT_Printer", this happened with our "legal" printer too which we had a "Legal" directory and "Legal" printer which we change to "Legal_Printer" and actually one more printer/directory name match, these were causing errors too. I also had one other that did not have a matching directory, but seemed to do the same as the other 3.
For some people the "IT" (or other printers with old name) stayed in their profile and also had "IT_Printer". After tons of testing when "IT" (or other printers with old name) printer was in the profile it caused the error. When I deleted the "IT" printer (and other printers with old name) it never pulled up the error after trying for a couple hours.
If you think this is possibly the case here is what I did to check and then resolve.
Check to see if this is the same error:
Check to see if you have one of these extra printers in "Printers and Faxes" on the terminal server. If you do not have the printers try to find someone who does. When I tried to open properties on the old "IT" printer it came up with an error. If you have the printer wait until no one else is logged in a then open "Printers and Faxes" then check your logs to see if you get the error (the error does not always show every time). If the error does not show stay logged in, but close everything, let it idle for like 30 minutes (to idle down the print spool drivers on your terminal session) then go back in and open up "Printers and Faxes" and check logs this was the way I was able to pull error. If you get the error delete the printer(s) and let it go idle again (might want to try multiple times) and see if you get the error. If you know the name of the old printer, try to search the registry with "\\print_Server\Old_printer_name" do this while people are logged in. The more people that are logged in will give you more of a change to find one. Since when people are not logged in it does not load their registry so there hive is not there. If you find someone then try the above steps

I know there are ways to do a startup script to fix this but I manually did it since we only have max 50 people on our terminal servers. Another easy fix would be to check to make sure the printers are not in the default profile then delete everyone's profile so they have to recreate.
You found that this is your problem you can search for the printer in registry. Do this when people are logged in (the more people the better change you will find error) or their hive will not be loaded. Open "HKey_Users" in register (to open register click "start" "run" then "regedit") Expand each users SID. The long one without the _Classes at the end (ex: "S-1-5-21-2543014380-3103469170-4159112097-1000"). Then expand "Printers" then click "Connections" . Here will list all the printers for that user, if you see one of the old printers delete it here. Go to the next SID and do same. Might take a while. Remember these SID's are for only people that are logged in so you might need to do this a couple more times. Just keep track of that error and when it happens that means someone is logged in with that old printer.

Also make sure the printers are not in the default user profile so check "HKEY_Users\.Default\printers\" and check all in there to make sure those printers do not exist or new profiles create will bring up the error again.

Sorry for making this long but this did fix my issue. I know some people might have problem with going though tons of register if you have a lot of people but as I said you could make a startup script to remove those files but I did not create that, but I know it is possible. Hope this helps. Please let me and other people know, I am very positive that this error can be cause by many different ways.
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