10.10.00 supply memory error (28587 Views)
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sbdul shaikh
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10.10.00 supply memory error

dear sir i have a problem in my printer it is showing on display 10.10.00 supply memory error my printer model is C L J 3550 and i change the black toner also but its same it is showing all four colors nill like "?" marks on the printer disply iam tird to solve this prb hope i will get good result from u

advance in thanks
gaffar from kuwait
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prosun bepari
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

have u changed all the toner cartridges?
make sure there is no obstructions on the contacts of the toner and inside the printer.
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

Hi there
This error occurs on the colour laserjet 9500mfp and is fixed by a firmware upgrade that upgrades the DC controller, check to see if your CLJ3550 is on the latest firmware version, if not, upgrade it, it may fix the problem just like the CLJ9500mfp
All the best with this
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Aashi ashi
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error


You could try with different cartridge try to clean the contacts , check wether the cartridge is seated properly , make sure weather the strip is removed from the cartridge
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j. johnson
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

This the exactly problem I'm having with my 4200hp laserjet printer 10.10.00 supply memory error.

Can you please advice how to resolve this problem?
I shall be very greatful if this can be resolve in asap.


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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

If you use a HP original cartridge, then you shouldn't have this message.

Anyway you can print, it's only at startup that this message appears.

If it is a HP toner, then change it.
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Adam F.
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

haa pee: you can still have the message with HP cartridges, especially if the part on the printer that actually reads the supply memory is busted up.

But the best idea is to replace the cartridge first.
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mehdi ben
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

We have the 4300dn .All I had to do was press pause/resume, cancel and the tick button at the same time and it recognised it as a non-hp cartridge and started working.
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William Cleary
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

Adam F, where is this part located? I have a 4200 with a supplymemory 10.10.00 error. The operator discoved a small peice of printed circuit board when changing the toner. it had a raised black circle flanked by two conductive pads.
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error

William that is the chip that is on the toner cartridge itself and the top right side. If the chip came off you get the supply error.
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Re: 10.10.00 supply memory error



I am a tech, and have discovered this error will post on 3  issues.

1 remanufactured toner

2 Broken reader or chip problem on cart

3 a remanufactured fuser

I have diagnoised the problem this morning on an HP 3005, the symptom was after a print job or randomly thru the day it would post the 10.10.00 memory supply error.

I diagnoised the fault to the fuser.  It is a Parts Now fuser from the US.

This problem also reveals itself as a lock up condition randomly, also when printing the configuration page, it will not print the 1st page, prints the second and third then locks up.


HP  tell me how a fuser can code a 10.10.00 please.


I put an OEM fuser in the machine and it prints fine, no errors.

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