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K8600 Only prints one page

Recently brought a K8600 out of mothballs, ran diagnostics, replaced ink cartridges, cleaned and aligned the printhead. It will print test pages and run through the diagnostics fine. When I attempt to print either a single or multi page pdf it prints the first page and stops, resume and power lights are blinking indicating a carriage jamb. When I open the cover the carriage is locked on the right side but there is no paper jamb. Power off and on and sut down with the carriage in the middle (it never does stop on the left side) and unplug the power cable and hte carriage moves freely. I have to power off and back on to get it to print another single page. Any ideas?

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Re: K8600 Only prints one page

I have the exact same problem. Just now it has stopped indicating paper jam and green light flashes as if loading print data forever after the first page is printed. Power plug must be pulled and inserted to print another page. Please reply if you find any solution. I think i might be software related?

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Re: K8600 Only prints one page



I understand that you are having issues printing with your HP K8600 device. Below is a link to the software and drivers page for your product. Please ensure that you have the latest versions available.




Once installed, this should resolve your issue. Please let me know if this helps.




I work for HP.

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Re: K8600 Only prints one page

This is the fix. With properly installed software, in any operating system, when you print with low ink, a dialog box appears. Look CLOSE at it. It warns you which cartridge is low giving you a button to order more ink online. (An HP marketing tool.) The bottom warnings have a "Dismiss" button. When you print multiple pages, it stops the process after the first page, warning you of the low ink. When you press the "Dismiss" button (or buttons, I had 2 of them), it will resume printing normally. If you just X-Out of the dialog box, it won't resume printing. This box won't appear again until the ink status changes or possibly after restarting the computer. I hadn't seen my dialog box for months. I think it could have been a consequence of installing a 2nd different model HP printer software suite. After re-installing the HP software for the K8600 printer, the dialog boxes, that show active monitoring of the printer by the computer, returned allowing me to dismiss the low-ink warning.
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