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HP deskjet 9300 driver for Win 7



I have done everything like was said in the page of HP suport.

I installed the driver for HP 1220C and everything is ok and the printer printed the test page.


My question has to do with the fact that now i don't have the software/interface with all the options i used to have.

The display is from windows and i have quite limited options.


Does anyone know what to do?

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Re: HP deskjet 9300 driver for Win 7

Well, as the page clearly states, you are using an "Alternate" driver probably because the 9300 is not fully supported under windows 7.

You are using a driver built for another printer model so, while it gives you the ability to print, it is not a driver built for the 9300 therefore some of the features may be missing.

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Re: HP deskjet 9300 driver for Win 7


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Re: HP deskjet 9300 driver for Win 7

I have a Dell with Winxp Pro 32bit which is my business computer, I also have an HP Pavilion with Win 7 64 bit home premium that I have just upgraded from Vista. I have two printers one is a HPF4400 printer scanner and the other a HP9800. I have the 4400 on a router  that both computer use with no problem I however have problems with the 9800 which I have connected to the Dell winxp this worked fime as a shared printer before I upgraded to Win7 on the Pavilion. I need to be able to add an additional driver for Win7 on the Dell so that the Pavilion can use it. I could connect it to the pavilion and add the XP driver but I want it directly connected to the business computer so I need to share it from that base. As the driver for Win7 is not separately available from HP and I cannot locate it in the Win 7 program. Will HP be issuing the driver separately as that would solve the problem or can you tell me how to get the driver out of win7 onto my Dell XP system.

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Re: HP deskjet 9300 driver for Win 7

Try the following: on the Windows 7 machine go to the Devices and Printers folder, Add a Printer, Local Printer, Create a Port, Local Port, \\Computername\Printername (use the actual share name for the computer and printer), OK, then click on Windows Update and then select HP Deskjet 9800.

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