hp designjet 500 - system error 21:10 (21800 Views)
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hp designjet 500 - system error 21:10

front panel shows the following :

severe error: 0x3010002
file: sequence.c
line: 758

can you advise
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Re: hp designjet 500 - system error 21:10


Before anything, check that the firmware is up to date :

1. Turn the printer off and back on 5 minutes to recreate the error message.
2. If the error reappears, continue with the remaining steps.
3. Turn the printer off and unplug the cable to transfer data (parallel and / or network), leaving the power cable connected.
4. Turn the printer: if the error appears again to continue with the next steps. If there is no error, go to the section below "Checking the functionality of the printer.
5. Check all connections: "Interconnect PCA, electronic modules, etc".
6. If the error persists, replace the front panel (C7769-60161).
7. Following replacement, verify functionality. If problems persist:
8. Replace the interconnect PCA (C7769-60385) and cable PCA (C7770-60267).
9. Following replacement, attempt to verify functionality. If problems persist:
10. Replace the electronic module (C7779-60263)


This error insicates there is a problem in the Service Station Assembly SVS (The SVS is on the right-hand side of the plotter, where the Head parks and goes for servicing the Printheads. You can access the SVS and check it by opening the window and moving the Head Carriage Assembly to the left while plotter is OFF) Either you have a paper left-over after a paper jam that impeded the movement of the mechanism of the SVS or sometimes ink mounds around the Station (if yes try cleaning it), or it could be a transient error that entails to turn the plotter off for a while and then turn it back on. If problem reappears and you are familiar in this plotter disassembly, check manually while the plotter is OFF the motion of the SVS gears; you can figure out the smooth movement.
In worst cases if problem persists i have to tell you that replacement of the SVS might solve your problem.

Hope this may help you

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Re: hp designjet 500 - system error 21:10

If you have a 21:10 message go with the second solution above and not the first. Most times the service station needs to be replaced but you need to know that older versions of firmware do not recognize newer service stations so upgrading the firmware may be necessary before replacing the service station. Also if you have a gl2 card in the plotter remove it before upgrading the firmware.
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Re: hp designjet 500 - system error 21:10

System error 21:10
Service Station failure
Recommended action
The possible cause could be:

The steps counted by the Service Station motor are not consistent with the expected length of the current movement.
The Aerosol Fan has reached its maximum current limit. If your printer actually has an Aerosol Fan then the printer is Very old. This fan has been removed (dis-included) from the printer assembly long ago. Service may be required to replace the Service Station and/or related components.
The Service Station motor has shutdown because of blockage. Service may be required to remove Debris, adjust or to replace the Service Station and/or related components.


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