Z6200ps paper loaded changing to other type of paper without notice (785 Views)
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Z6200ps paper loaded changing to other type of paper without notice

Hi everyone,


I work with a Designjet Z6200ps 60". I have recently created multiple custom paper profiles. When I load a paper and select the custom paper profile, the paper loads correctly. When is finishes loading, the loaded paper profile changes from what I selected initially (Paper A) to another profile I have created (Paper B).


I also cannot change the loaded media type to Paper A after it has loaded. If I try to select it, it leaves the media types menu and reverts to what the printer changed to (Paper B) without my input. I can, however, change it to another media type (Paper C, Paper D etc...)


Can't figure this one out...is it a firmware glitch?



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Re: Z6200ps paper loaded changing to other type of paper without notice

Don't you control the paper (overriding the printer) from the RIP (Onyx or other)?

Try unloading and reloading your profiles, specifically the ones giving you issue.


Good Luck,

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Re: Z6200ps paper loaded changing to other type of paper without notice

There are just so many variables. How it was created (onxy, color center, other profile maker), settings that may not match what the printer can do (#passes), naming conventions, how it was uploaded to the printer and so on.

I have attached a really good document on working with non HP papers and creating custom paper types. While it is for the Z6100, it is the same for the Z6200.

Check it out in detail. You may find something that either invalidates the printer working with that particular one or not.

If not then it did not upload correctly and needs to be deleted and started once more. Again, this document makes a great guide. Final not, there is a limit to the number of custom profiles one can create and load. If you have done this a lot, then perhaps you have hit a limit. (no I cannot remember how many it is.)

Still a great reference doc for anyone doing custom profiles.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Z6200ps paper loaded changing to other type of paper without notice

I had something very similar happen with my Z6200s (I've got 3, and it was reproducable across all 3..).


I had removed a number of paper presets that came stock to restrict the choices my workers would be presented with to only those media types we use.  After I did this, we had the problem where if you were loading media and had to manually enter the type / length / etc, it would show the WRONG media loaded.  Go through and try to manually change what was loaded, and it was just like you had done nothing.


BUT..  If you loaded a roll that had the media tracking info, it loaded as the correct media type (well, it would load as what was indicated on the tracking barcode..).  If you manually changed the media type at this point, it would then show the wrong media loaded.


Oh, and in every case, for a given media I would select at the panel, it always went to the same incorrect media type.  (So, HP Universal Coated Paper selection would display that the current loaded paper was Scrim, HP Super Heavyweight Plus Matte Paper selected would show as Vellum being loaded, etc.  Never correct, but always the same wrong media for a given selection.)


Reset to factory with all media types loaded and the problem vanished.  Seems that when a media type was deleted, the pointers that loaded what you indicated from the front panel didn't match what it would select anymore.


After a bit of time with tech support, they were able to reproduce it on a range of HP plotters, not just the Z6200.  Final solution was that they provided me with a Beta firmware. It was newer than anything on the HP site until the 1 Oct update.


I've not loaded the 1 Oct 2012 firmware yet, but reading the info on it there's no mention of correcting this issue.  The other thing that bothers me is that, once you go to that level firmware, you'd not be able to revert to the older one.  So, I'm hesitant to apply the new firmware without knowing if this issue is fixed.

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Re: Z6200ps paper loaded changing to other type of paper without notice

So the solution was this: I was using a custom profile based on a profile included with HP Printers that ceased to exist (Super Heavy Weight Coated). It wouldn't accept the profile built with that as the base because it was invalid.


Thanks for the responses.

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