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HP Designjet T1300 error 08:04

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I have a Designjet T1300, a few years old (2010 I think), and I have printed a few rolls of paper on it. (5-6?) A few firmware updates ago it started showing the 08:04 error message. It asks me to update the firmware if the problem persists (well it does). I have the newest firmware (?) IG_04_00_05.2.


Sometimes I have to restart it 10-15 times before I can print. sometimes it goes into error mode if i dont use it for an hour or so . sometimes it goes into error mode in the middle of printing, or just while rotating or when ever. Sometimes it starts up immediately and I can print all day without any problems.


Any Ideas?


 Now I checked again for new firmware. the printer says there is new firmware, but it went into 08:04 error mode while checking.


Now after 4 restarts, the printer started to install the new firmware. at the end of installation  the program shuts down and during restart the printer goes into 08:04 mode.


Restarting the printer over and over again. Allways the 08:04 code. What does the 08:04 code mean??



Ok... update history:

today first  MS_01_01_23.1 was installed and after that IG_04_00_05.2.


No newer firmware available.


I will update this if it doesn´t go into error mode anymore..




Today I finally had the time to print again. The T1300 still goes into error mode 08:04.



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Re: HP Designjet T1300 error 08:04

I typically see that type of error code when the hard drive fails.  I can post what the service manual states that error code means but its quite generic.  It is possible you have a bad printhead too.  I always remove the inks and printheads and then re-install them one at a time as the printer asks for them, make sure they are accepted, its possible it may then tell you a printhead is bad or if it passes that setup I doubt it is caused by a bad printhead.

Unplug the network cable too while booting this up to see if it acts any differently then.


System Error: 08:04
Problem Description: Touch Control Panel communication to the product functions at the initialization, but during
normal working the communication is lost.
Corrective action: Try the following:
1. Check the event log at the EWS support pages to see if there is another SE (for instance
07:10) and troubleshoot the problem more accurately.Appendix C: Obtaining the product
log and the diagnostics package on page 74
2. Turn off the product and turn on again, and check to see if the error remains.
3. Upgrade the firmware For more information, see Appendix B: Emergency firmware
upgrade with USB flash drive on page 74
4. Replace the HDD, see Hard Disk Drive on page 295
5. Escalate the issue.

If you feel my reply has assisted you in repairing your printer please press the kudos star icon on the left and mark as problem solved. Thank you!

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Re: HP Designjet T1300 error 08:04

Thank you for the advice!

I will go through the list and I will let you know what I find out.

best rgds


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