HP DesignJet 510 errors (3859 Views)
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HP DesignJet 510 errors

Hi all, I have been dealing with a HP DesignJet 510 issue that I need some help on.


The printer has the following error:

Main error:

Warning 05:10


Second screen error, Warning: 0x4050002

task: tRootTask

file: rpc.c

line 266


After doing some research and checking the light pattern I ordered in a replacement HP-GL/2 accessory card.

New card arrived getting the same error.


Rebooted printer and removed card, so no card was in printer during reboot, now I am getting the following error:


System error 05:09
Call HP support

System error
Severe error: 0x4050001

task: tPrinterCtrlDaemon

file: rpc.c
Line 497


Pulled the card, by-passed the error, tried to print ,now I am getting a 61:05 error, manual states: HP DesignJet 500 Series with an HP-GL/2 card installed, remember I pulled the card.


With card in I am not able to by-pass the error, I am also unable to power printer down with out pulling the power cord. With card out I can by-pass the error and I can power printer down via the power switch.


More research led me to download and install Raster Drivers, no luck.

Have updated the firmware, no luck.

Have tried several different nic cards both internal and external, no luck.

I have tried both card slots, no luck.

I can see the printer on my network, ping it and get to the card via HP web admin. I am able to make changes to the card via HP web admin.



I know I am probably forgetting something, but that is most of it, any suggestions would be helpfull....




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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

Then, try to use the PCL driver, instead of gl2 ...................

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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

Are you sure there is not another card in the other slot.  With this plotter you can have a formatter or a gl2 card but not both at the same time.  If both cards are removed the plotter will work with the raster driver.


System Error:

05:09 Error (Only applicable to HP DesignJet 500 and 510




Formatter installed instead of HP-GL/2 Accessory Card.

Corrective Action:

Power OFF the Printer and remove the Formatter and install the HPGL/

2 Accessory Card


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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

hp plloter errear 05:10 card bed or install and problem solve or must change

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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

While plotting, DesignJet 510 stopped and I had to cut the power to it, since it was stuck. Upon restarting, "Warning 05:10" is showing up on the display and the plotter will not print. I removed the HP-GL/2 card, the plotter is now naked with no cards installed, no cables attached and will still display the same error and not print in any way.


Any help?

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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

After an hour with HP support on the phone, it seems like there is some issue with the HP-GL/2 card or with the socket circuit that hosts the card. Switched to DesignJet 500 drivers in order to print through PCL3 and it seems to work wonderfully, although the warning message still displays on the plotter display.


In any case, whether be it the card that's faulty, or some plotter board, why should I opt to have HP-GL/2 support back, since PCL3 through DesignJet 500's driver seems to print fine? It also seems to start the job faster and the file that goes to the printer is smaller as well, all for no noticeable quality drop.


Any thoughts on the issue?

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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

Without the card , i suppose you won't get rid of the error, and you won't be able to add memory,  to the 160mb already installed. All the rest, and using the 500 driver, it will work just fine.

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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

I just realized the funiest part of this whole ordeal; The warranty expired just two weeks ago! What's this? Is there some kind of a timer ticking inside such equipment that goes off just after the warranty period expires?

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Re: HP DesignJet 510 errors

If you press the cancel button the error code should go away and stay away until you restart the printer.  Many 800 customers out there just run their plotter as a 500 once that card goes bad, you just have to use a different driver as you are doing.

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