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Green tint only on certain areas, Designjet 130 NR

I have been experiencing a very strange problem recently with my Designjet 130 NR.


I am experiencing some mid-shadow areas containing a pale green tint, i.e. in mid-gray areas such as natural rock or similar.


I have discovered, through testing, that this problem only occurs with prints over and above a certain size. For instance, I have been trying to print an image that is 240 dpi, RGB, with the dimensions of 477 mm x 502 mm. I am printing this through Photoshop CS3 (Mac), "Photoshop manages colors", Adobe RGB image profile, HP Photo Satin printer profile onto HP Premium Plus Photo Satin paper. Raster driver is 4.2, Firmware is D.05.04, Mac OS is 10.5. I am printing over a Cat 5e network which is nice and fast.


If I print the entire print as described, I get the green tint problem. If I crop out a portion of the same image where the problem occurs and send that to the printer with exactly the same settings, the problem does not occur. I have replicated this test on several occasions, so it is definitely related to the size (either dimensionally or in terms of pixel count) of the image.


I have attached two photos of the resulting prints.


The print of the whole image





The print of the cropped out piece, same image.


As a test I also printed the same full size image through my Windows XP machine, through a different image editor - same problem, so it is not Mac/Photoshop related as far as I can ascertain.


I have owned this printer for about 6 years and it has given generally good service, but I started to notice this about a year ago. Prior to that I had no such problems, regardless of image size.


Can anyone explain why this would happen?

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Re: Green tint only on certain areas, Designjet 130 NR

You are describing classic gradual print head failure.

Put some decent paper in the tray.
Start System Maintenance
Print the Image Quality diagnostic print at least four times as fast as SM will permit. This will simulate a larger print job.
Look at the last sheet printed and read this page on how to interpret the test.

Understanding Image Quality Diagnostic Prints

You will probably have to replace one or more print heads.

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Re: Green tint only on certain areas, Designjet 130 NR

Thanks - I've ordered some replacement heads. The ones in the machine are pretty old now except for the black which I replaced recently.



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