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Designjet 800 problems

I wonder if anyone could shed some light upon a few problems with our designjet 800

1. we have multiple 56.01 errors they arent lisited on the main hp site

2. the Paper axis usage is way up at 73%, what exactly is the paper axis usage, and is it gunna die on me?

3. we have some "drv_ei o. c , 673" errors displayed in the error log? any ideas?
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Re: Designjet 800 problems

Hi Dave,

First of all unfortunately, i could not find the error 56:01 so if it is 56:10 read this link:

If the error persists try replacing the "drive roller encoder sensor", its part number is C7769-60171 you can get it with its diagram at

**The plotters sometimes give errors that are not listed but it can vatch the closest that is nearly related to the same specific problem.

-When the paper axis usage approaches 100% or even if it exceeds that limit, the plotter may work but there you have to be prepared at anytime to get the x-axis motor replaced. After that you are asked to clear the usage counter of the paper axis.

-As for the error log it might be related to the drive roller in the x-axis path.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Designjet 800 problems

1. 56:01 isnt a listed error - thats why you cannot find it. Broken down it indicates that the Drive Roller Encoder Sensor needs to be replaced.

56 = Drive Roller Encoder Sensor
01 = Replace

The 56:10 error would make more sence, is listed, and means the exact same thing ( 10 and 01 would indicate replace ). Read this link for the official HP explanation :

2. Paper axis usage - Number of Paper-Axis movements represented as a percentage over the maximum number of Paper-Axis movements that the Printer is designed to support. If the percentage is more than 100% AND the Printer is experiencing problems, try replacing the Paper Axis Motor. If you are not having problems the there is nothing to worry about - its just a counter.

3. The "drv_ei " error that appears in the log will be resolved by updating the plotters formware. It was a 'bug' in one of the erlier releases. It wasnt a failure or problem of any sort though - just something that appeared in the log. The most current FW is a.02.10 and is available at . Make sure you read the instructions very carefully :〈=en

Hope this helps a bit.
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Re: Designjet 800 problems

cheers guys that helps a lot, but the error is defo printed on the sheets as a 56.01, maybe this is down to the firmware as well then. I will try updating it.
Thanks for your help
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