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Designjet 430 error, "media" blinking

This machine had not been used for a while, Power on - "cart" & "data" blinking. , press cancel - "cart" stays on. , Refit cartridge - goes to load media. , load any size media as careful as you like - rejects it after trying to initialise & "media" blinks! I work on printers all the time but this has got me!
Thanx in advance - Dazz UK
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Re: Designjet 430 error, "media" blinking

Hi Darren,

The Media Lever is on the UP position prior to loading the media, right?

If everything is ok for loading the paper, try to clean the Line Sensor that is mounted on the Head Carriage Assembly and illuminates red upon checking the paper. This Sensor might have some ink mounds such that it gets blocked thus getting incapable to "read" the media. Use a lint-free cloth for cleaning. It is not easy to reach for the Sensor FROM UNDERNEATH if you are not mechanically inclined to disassemble the Plotter, but you can place the rag on the Drive Roller Assembly (also called Platen Roller) and move the Carriage Assembly over it several times-certainly when the Plotter is OFF!

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Hope that helps.


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Re: Designjet 430 error, "media" blinking

You need to run the accuracy calibration. See below for instructions.

Accuracy Calibration:

Place a sheet of polyester film over the top of the printer for approximately 10 minutes to let it stabilize to the environmental conditions. Use a sheet approximately 24 x 36 inches, 61 x 91 cm (D-size). If sheet media is not available, roll media can be used if cut into a 24 X 36 inch sheet. When using polyester film, load it with the matte (dull) side down.

NOTE: If a polyester or matte film is not available, use HP Coated media when performing an Accuracy calibration.

Turn the printer off.

Press and hold in the MEDIA SOURCE key and turn the printer on (entering Service mode 2).

Set the Media Type on the front panel to Coated Paper.

Load the film with the matte (dull) side down, in portrait orientation.

When the Ready LED lights up press the REPRINT key.

NOTE: The Ready LED will begin to flash. Allow several minutes for the printer to complete the calibration print.

The printer will eject the sheet, and the Load Media LED will light up.

Unload the sheet from the printer.

Wait until the ink on the sheet is dry.

Cut the sheet along the dotted line and reload facedown into the printer in the direction indicated by the arrows on the calibration plot.

NOTE: The Ready LED will begin to flash. The printer takes less than 10 minutes to read the calibration sheet, calculate the calibration data, and save the data in the EEROM.

Unload the sheet from the printer.

The Accuracy calibration is now complete.

Turn the printer off then on, and verify printer functionality.
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Re: Designjet 430 error, "media" blinking

Press and hold in the MEDIA SOURCE key and turn the printer on (entering Service mode 2).


try that didn't go to the service mode, still flashing MEDIA light.

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