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Designjet 130NR Problems



We are having problems with out HP Design Jet 130NR. Last week during a print run the plotter stopped working and was constatly beeping, the cause of which I reckon was down to an non-genuine black cartridge failing. We have replaced the cartrige with a genuine HP cartridge and this is recognised however our yellow/magenta/light magenta are showing as empty - these appear as 'unknown' on the system maintenance report.


So I got a copy of the service manual and stripped down the right hand side of the printer and there was some black ink which had leaked through to the absorbing foam below the ink supply system. I have used contact cleaner to clean all cartridge contacts but to no avail. I have tried doing all the resetting/repriming noted in the service manual but it continually fails to recognise the cartridges.


All cartridges in the plotter are at least 50% full, and all geniune HP.


Since 3 out of 6 cartidges are no being recognised I am presuming ink damage to the ink supply system will be causing this? Therefore could I presume that replacing this should solve the problem? or should there be anything else I should be looking at?



Below is a copy of the system maintaince log (blanked out ip etc for privacy), if this sheds any light on possible faults:

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Re: Designjet 130NR Problems

For anyones future refernce I did fix this:


Replaced Ink Supply Station - short circuited - This also killed the chips on 2 cartridges so had to replace these too. System maintance manual (found on google) explains how to strip plotter apart.


Then had to clean printheads following a guide online.


Links to what I refered to (links still valid in June 2014):


Service Manual -

Printhead Cleaning -

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