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DesignJet 110 plus nr Image quality

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I bought a new Design Jet 100 several years ago, and for personal use.  I got through approximately 70 pages worth of 18 x 24 drawings (all black and white), and the print heads began to give me errors.  The lines were wavy, and eventually it stopped recognizing the black print head all together.  I replaced all print heads and cartridges twice at the tune of well over $200, and finally found someone to look at it.  The told me the carriage was bad and would take almost $600 to fix it.  Well, with that and the $200+ worth of print heads, I was approaching what I paid for the printer only 70 sheets ago.  Suffice it to say, I did not have it repaired.  


Forward to last month, I bought a used design Jet 110 plus nr with significantly more "miles" on it.  But it worked perfectly.  I printed through 8 18x24 pages (all black and white), and no problems at all.  Then I tried printing a drawing on a 24x36 sheet in black and white, and everything printed light blue.  I figured it was possibly an issue with the ink cartridge.  Even though the previous print was fine all the way though, and the cartridge was still reading as half full, i put in a new cartridge.  No change in print quality.  I tried all three levels of print head cleaning, and no change.  I swapped out the print head for one of the ones I had bought for my last printer.  It hasn't had any ink through it yet, so I figured it was fine.  Now, I cannot get the thing to align properly, and i'm getting three failed test pages every time I turn it on, and I'm not getting any black ink still.  Just light blue.  


I'm not sure what to do next.  I know that i have two brand new black print heads sitting here, and one older one that just finished printing 8 pages perfectly fine.  I have two ink cartridges that are both more than half full of black ink.  I know because I opened them up and could feel a significant amount of ink in the bag.  I can't figure out why the thing won't align.  Thats making me the most nervous because it's exhibiting the same symptoms that my last printer did when the carriage went bad.


Is there a way to purge the print heads and the ink tubes so that I can get some good black ink flowing?  Is there something I can do to get the thing to align?  I don't want to have to buy yet another printer.


Also, the firmware version on this printer is S.03.03  I know it should be updated, but I can't download the new version.  It won't respond when I click the download link.  Any suggestions on that too?


Update.  I updated the firmware.  No change.  Then I just installed new Cyan, Magenta, and yellow cartridges.  Now all of my black is printing out orange.  The printheads still won't align, and the test pages is coming out all orange yellow and magenta with an orange border.  I thought that possibly it just wasn't getting enough black, and it was coming out light blue, but now I'm really concerned because Orange isn't even close to black.

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