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DesignJet 1050C System Error

I printed one drawing and sent the second and recieved the following error on the display LCD.

System Error
0A0000 00000002
Contact HP Rep.

The machine has had some intermittent problems recognizing the ink tanks that were recently replaced; but if you push on them, the plotter recognizes them and says they are ok and then prints. Any ideas. The machine is network connected and I am printing from AutoCAD LT97 on a Win98SE machine ~500mhz w/ 192MbRAM.
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Re: DesignJet 1050C System Error

The Air Pressure is below the minimum requirement.
Corrective Action: Try the following:
n Check all the cables of the APS and make sure they are correctly
connected and are NOT damaged.
n Check all the tubes of the APS and Tubes System and make sure
they are correctly connected and are NOT pinched or damaged.
n Check that the Air Tube from the APS is correctly connected to
the Tubes System.
n Faulty APS Sensor, APS Valve or APS Pump. Replace the
complete APS
Replace ONE Ink Cartridge at a time, checking if the error code
WARNING Only replace one component at a time and check if the error

00000002 Ã Yellow Printhead Failed.

i don't now if the second code the good one i have found...
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Re: DesignJet 1050C System Error

I appreciate the info; however I have a few more questions:

Is "APS" the Air Pressure System?

I guess this involves taking the covers off the back of the plotter?

Do you have any links or diagrams regarding the procedure?
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Re: DesignJet 1050C System Error

Check the APS cage at the back behind the ink cartidges, Make sure the entire assembly is pushed forward and locked in place with the tabs, sometime the ISS get pushed to back and causes this error.

Reseat all cartridges, and turn the printer off then on.

If the problem continues, check the ink levels (Ink System Options, Ink Cartridge Info). If any of the Cartridges report five percent or less of ink, replace the affected cartridge(s).

If an ink cartridge has been recently replaced, replace that particular ink cartridge again to eliminate a faulty new ink cartridge from causing the error message.

Open the door at the back of the right cover (as viewed from back of printer) to allow access to ISS Assembly.
Verify that the two white latches that retain the ink cartridge tube connector assembly are secured.

Verify that the air tube from the APS assembly is securely connected to the ink cartridge tube connector assembly interlock.

Check to make sure there is no ink in any of the clear tubes except for the tubes going to the carraige.

Go to front of printer and remove all of the ink cartridges.

Observe if any of the two needle valves in each of the four ink cartridge locations are bent. Straighten the needle valve(s) or replace entire ink tubes assembly if needed

Reseat the ink cartridges one at a time until the error disappears.
Perform the

Ink Pressure System Test Check your manual on how to do this

Turn the printer off using the power switch on the front of the printer.

Hold down the Color key and turn the printer on.

NOTE: Wait until the message Initializing is displayed before releasing the Color key.

Once inside the Service Tests menu, use the arrow keys to scroll to 4 Ink Pressure System, and press Enter.

The message Running APS Test will appear while the printer is performing the test.

If the test passes, attempt to verify printer functionality by printing several internal prints and checking the printer for ink leaks.

If the test fail Parts to repalce in this order

Air Pressure System
Ink Tube System

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