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Polyserve 3.6.1 and fencing

Can anyone tell me why can't Polyserve use fibre channel switch-based fencing with virtual interconnect modules on HP C-Class Blade systems?

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Re: Polyserve 3.6.1 and fencing

I can't say for sure, but I don't think that the virtual fibre modules fit into the model that Polyserve fencing normally fits - it's not a 1-to-1 mapping of port to host.

With FC fencing, each host uses the HBAAPI library to gather it's local WWNs, then uses SNMP GET (requiring the SNIA MIBs be supported by the switch) to gather a list of logged in ports from the switch(es.) It verifies that it can see all of it's HBAs on the switches defined, then enters into the host registry "here's how to fence me."

There are also other switches that aren't virtual that don't work under this model. It's not really been a huge issue historically, since if you're using C-class blades, you have the iLO available for server-based fencing.

Is it technically possible? Probably. Does this new fencing model exist today? Nope.
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Re: Polyserve 3.6.1 and fencing

Thanks for the explanation. I see what you are saying. The Polyserve installation guide just stated that if you had virtual interconnect modules on a HP C-Class blade system you couldnâ t use fiber channel switch â based fencing. I didnâ t see where they explained why but you have made it very clear. Thanks again.
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